HS Friday Bulletin December 9

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Message from the Principal:

Dear Parents,

So, ICARE is over for another year and it is great to receive the vast majority of our students back at school safe and sound this afternoon, with the last group from the Estancia trip arriving back in Manila tomorrow.  Throughout the week, I have been speaking with many of the teachers and students who have been on the Metro Manila sites and I have only heard good news; good news from the teachers on how engaged, hard-working and enthusiastic our students have been this week; and good news from the students on how much fun they have had – many of them commenting on what a departure it is from the regular school week and how they wish it could be ICARE more often – alas, if only we had the time!  Also good news that, apart from the usual bumps and bruises, and minor cuts and scrapes, everyone has had a great time and remained safe throughout.  Please take time to look at these videos from two of the sites: (https://youtu.be/f18ywLIPTko)(https://drive.google.com/a/ismanila.org/file/d/0B8-0LJIRtRVoQ29ucllueWp3U1U/view?usp=sharing)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers, particularly those who have chaperoned the provincial sites and who have given up their evenings with their own families this week to be with their students so that the students can have a wonderful, memorable experience – as I have said before, ICARE is one of the happiest memories of high school that often stands out in the minds of our returning alumni, when they reminisce on their years here and it is largely the dedication of our teachers that is to thank for these wonderful memories.  Also, a thank-you to our security staff who have been keeping the students safe this week, under the watchful eye and guidance of the ever-vigilant Mike Flynn.  And finally a huge thank-you to Neil Woods and Bee Suarez (nee Yuquimpo) who have dedicated literally hundreds of hours in the lead up to ICARE, to ensure that the whole week runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with the desire that all students have as great an experience as we can possibly provide.

Next week is, of course, the final week of the semester, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being treated as regular school days regarding teaching and learning.  Thursday will be a half day with students being given time in the morning to work on their group reflections and presentations from this week’s ICARE experience.  This is an important part of the CAS requirement for both ISM and IB diploma students to reflect on the learning that occurred during these service oriented activities.

Wishing you a restful and relaxing Christmas vacation, with uncomplicated travels and safe returns.

Mike Dickinson