HS Friday Bulletin March 3

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

This Wednesday saw our IASAS Cultural Convention delegates head away to represent ISM in their various fields of excellence over this weekend. The musicians (Strings, Band and Choir) journeyed to Jakarta, the Art-Dance-Drama-Tech students travelled to Kuala Lumpur and the Debate & Forensics (Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking) representatives bounded off to Bangkok. I will report on our successes (hopefully many) in next week’s bulletin.

We have made a switch in the high school calendar for next Tuesday morning, March 7th. There was a clash between the parent coffee and another high school event that will interest many parents, so the parent coffee has been cancelled this month – it had only been 2 weeks since the last one anyway. The clashing event is a talk by one of our ex-ISM college counselors, Trevor Sturgeon who, as well as working as a counselor at Singapore American School, provides tours (TS Tours) in the summer months to colleges in the US, Canada and the UK. Please come along to the AMR next Tuesday March 7th, starting at 9:30am. This event follows nicely on from part 2 of “sending your kids packing” talk, run by our own counselors in the Little Theater, starting at 7:30am that same morning.

We are starting to get to the “business end” of the year with the IB2 Language B orals taking place next week for our Seniors and just over one week to go before the Seniors sit their IB “mock” exams. These exams give students a taste of what to expect when they sit the real thing in May. In some ways the mocks are even more intense as we try to fit the various course exams into a 5 day window so that we aren’t losing valuable time for reflection, review and revision of material that students identify as weaknesses; the real IB exams give students a little more breathing space between papers as they span a 3 week window. Please encourage your senior to study hard for the mocks as it will prove to be valuable preparation for the May IB exams. Monday and Tuesday (March 13th and 14th) will be regular school days when teachers will be reviewing and revising with their classes.

Next week, Grade 9 and 10 students will be MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing. These tests measure the progress made by students in the areas of Mathematics, Reading and Language Use. The results, together with other pieces of data, are triangulated in order to place students in the right level courses as they progress through high school. Using the MAP results data also allows us to see how ISM compares with the rest of the world in these 3 academic areas.

Also next week is course selection week and this starts the ball rolling for Mr. Birchenall and me as we prepare for the 2017-18 academic year! Students in grades 8, 9 and 10 will be given time and assistance during classes and homeroom to make their course selections as they think about the move to grade 9, 10 or 11. Grade 11 students, registering for their grade 12 courses will do this in their study hall or at lunch time, so that, by the end of next week we have a pretty good idea of the number of sections of each course that we will need – this is the first step in creating the high school “Master Schedule” – a most mammoth task that makes the logistics and preparation for the first moon landing look like child’s play by comparison!

There sure is a lot going on again! Wishing you a restful and relaxing weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal