HS Friday Bulletin March 24

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Firstly this week, a few “Well Dones”!

Well done to Ms. Patrikios and all the members of the sophomore council for their huge effort in organizing the trip to the cinema last Friday to watch “Beauty and the Beast”. Thank you to those who supported this event. From Ms. P: “The Sophomore Council was able to raise 170,000 pesos (approx $3,300) thanks to ticket sales and generous sponsorships from: Asian Appraisal; Akin Life; LifeLab; Tony Siguion Reyna; Mr and Mrs. Lee; Elisabeth Cajurao; Mr. and Mrs. Choa; Mrs. Grace Wibowo; ABS-CBN; Mr. and Mrs. Lhuillier; Mr. and Mrs. Puyat; Lance Tan; Cathy Tan; Freeway Art. We also had 50 children and staff from Child Hope and SPECS join us on the night. The money will be used to support our work with Child Hope as well as supporting ISM’s other service work. Many thanks to the ES, MS, HS ISM Friends and Families for supporting this successful first school wide movie trip. We hope there will be many others.” Good stuff Bearcats – well done!

Our next well done goes to Simran Uttamchandani and her merry crew of PCAers! Last Saturday’s PCA Cultural Show, international Buffet and Silent Auction was a resounding success. This from Simran: “On Saturday 18th March the PCA held the annual ISM PCA Cultural Show and Buffet. The show was held in the FAT and was represented by 11 countries, this year’s performances were entertaining as the communities came together to share the theme “My Family, My Heritage”. We also welcomed Ballet Manila to the ISM stage. The buffet which was held in the ES Gym had 33 countries displaying their food and colorful and decorated tables. The evening also included a silent auction with over 20 amazing prizes. This year we were overwhelmed from the support that we received from the ISM community, we welcomed over 1,400 people. All monies raised will go towards supporting our service partners, our scholarship program and all events that the PCA host for the families and communities of ISM. Thank you to all the communities that helped us make this event so successful, we look forward to seeing you next year.” Simran reports that about Php600,000 was raised in total. Great stuff Bearcat-elders – well done!

Staying on the art theme, a reminder that the IB2 Art Exhibition continues throughout next week in the lobby of the Fine Arts Theater. If you haven’t had chance to enjoy this exhibition yet, I wholly recommend that you do. Some of the art work is of an amazing standard again this year – hats off to all our visual artists. The art exhibition is the culmination of two years work and the end of next week marks the culmination of the 2 years of work for the other 2 “Group 6” (Fine and Performing Arts) subjects that we offer here at ISM when the Film and the Theater students will be expected to turn in the final portfolios of work on Friday.

IASAS Season 3 is almost upon us and while our runners, jumpers and throwers (track and field) will be travelling to Bangkok, and the Softball and Baseball teams go to Singapore, ISM will be hosting Badminton and Golf. Mr. Pekin has asked me to let you know that we are looking for volunteers to host some of the travelling athletes to ISM from our sister IASAS schools. 28 beds are still needed for the badminton players (4 nights, form April 5th to 8th) while we still need 20 beds for the golfers (just one night on April 8th). Parents of season 1 and Season 2 athletes and MUN/Cul Con delegates who went away earlier this year, can repay the hospitality showed to our Bearcats by offering to house one of the travelling athletes. We need your support! Thanks! Here are the sign-up forms: Online badminton housing registration form. Online golf housing registration form.

Should you require further information about hosting for IASAS events go to:

http://atac.ism-online.org/iasas/iasas-housing/ or contact ATAC office or email pekinm@ismanila.org

And finally this week, a big shout-out goes to Mr. Flynn who is celebrating his birthday today – I’m not going to tell you how old he is, but let’s just say that it’s a biggie. I can tell you though that his favorite book is “50 Shades of Grey” and as a child he enjoyed “Hawaii 5-0” and let’s just leave it at that! Happy Birthday Mike from us all!

Wishing you a restful and relaxing weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal