HS Friday April 7

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Well – we made it through the first half of the second semester! When we get back to school in a week’s time, it really will be the beginning of the end, with only 8 weeks remaining of this school year! And, so much to do in those last 8 weeks. The Grade 12 students will have their send-off lunch on Friday April 21st when those who are full IB diploma (and those with 4 or more IB exams to sit) will start their study leave. The following Friday, April 28th is the first day of the IB examinations which run 3 weeks to May 19th. On that day, school ends for all seniors (whether IB diploma or not). To celebrate their final day, this year’s Prom will be held on Saturday, May 20th at the Polo Club – tickets are on sale and can be bought through the members of the Junior council or at the cashier for Php2800. After Pro, the seniors will then have just 1 short week before graduation on May 26th. I kidded at the start of the year about time accelerating – I wasn’t really joking was I; before we know it we’ll be sending another batch of graduates through the doors and off into the big wild world.

We also need to fit in the final exams for the rest of the High School. Grade 9 and Grade 10 exams run from May 15th to 17th while the Grade 11 exams start on May 11th and run until May 17th.

A big shout-out this week goes to the Music department, Mr. Howrey, Ms. Provencher, Ms. Grev, Mr. Bobisse and Mr. Nazareno together with all of the students (and a few teachers) that took part in last Tuesday’s Finale Concert. The level of musical talent was a credit to you all and was testament to the effort and dedication in the lead-up to the concert. The high point for me was the Jazz Band’s final piece “Lucky Chops” which may not have been as polished as other pieces I’ve heard them play in the past, but boy, they were having fun! Well done everyone.

Finally this week, good luck to all of our season 3 athletes. As I write this week’s bulletin, the Badminton games are still going on here at ISM in the HS and MS gyms, and will continue tomorrow with the finals in the afternoon. Both our girls’ and boys’ teams have a chance to medal. The golf is happening down at Mount Malarayat today under the watchful eye of Mr. Birchenall, while the Baseballers and Softballers are competing in Singapore and the Track and Field athletes and in Bangkok. All the news and results can be found on the www.iasas.asia website by clicking on “season 3” at the top of the page. Wishing you all the best in competition from here in Manila.

And with that, I will bid you safe travels if you’re away for the break. Looking forward to having you all back safe and sound for the final installment of the year, starting on April 17th.

Take care everyone,

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal