HS Friday Bulletin June 2

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Well, I thought that last Friday evening was absolutely lovely!  The decoration, the food and music outside the FAT and inside were wonderful – thank you to the graduation décor committee, the catering committee and the Senior Lunch committee for all their hard work and effort.  You guys did a terrific job.  The graduates looked fantastic up on stage, the speeches from Sofia Jimenez, Mr. Toze, Sammy Westfall and Mr. MacInnes were uplifting, inspiring and “senti”, and the class feature, “History” was great.  If you’d like to watch the Graduation ceremony, here’s the link – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCg0bBn8JDN2C5RqDTY7UZA

I felt extremely proud to have been the one this year that said the final words “Class of 2017, please rise.  To symbolize the conferring of your ISM high school diploma and that you have individually challenged yourself to meet, fulfil and in most cases exceed ISM’s graduation requirement, I ask that with your left hand, you move the tassel on your mortarboard from your right to your left.  Ladies and gentlemen ISM presents to you the class of twenty seventeen.”  Well done graduates – you have been a great class and we’ll miss you.

You will all know that last Monday we had to deal with a serious disciplinary infraction as a result of grossly inappropriate use of social media.  The school dealt with this as swiftly and efficiently as possible and, while it was clear that there was never any harm intended toward the school and its students, the repercussions of such a “joke” were serious indeed – and could have been much more serious still.

Every year, we work with our students through our pastoral care program, and the dangers inherent in social media are a constant theme in our discussions.  We organize workshops for our parents to make sure that they too understand these dangers, since it is primarily in the home and off campus where students have unfettered access to the internet.

We shall continue our conversations with the community about how we can best pass on the message to our students regarding their online personal security. The world we live in is as dangerous as it is exciting, and we wish to do all that we can to encourage our students to behave in ways that are safe, responsible and respectful.

Our teachers are still busy at this time of year writing report card comments for all students.  The report cards will be available through the parent portal from June 14th.  Student dismissal for the summer break will be next Thursday at 12 noon with the buses leaving at about 12:15.

This will be my final bulletin of this year.  The Dickinson’s are off to Spain and Portugal for the summer and I will turn 50 in Madrid this July (mixed feeling about that one!).  Thank you to everyone for your support in my first year as High School Principal – It has been a year of ups and downs; I’m hoping for more ups than downs next year as Dave Birchenall and I start year 2 together.  Take care everyone, have a relaxing summer vacation.

Mike Dickinson

High School Principal