HS Friday Bulletin August 11

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome back to what will (hopefully) be another safe, respectful, responsible and exciting year in the high school. In the opening assembly on Monday, I spoke to the students about time and how time will pass them by at such an incredible pace that, if they’re not careful, they’ll miss the year as it flies by without them. I welcomed all the new students to ISM and welcomed this new batch of freshmen with the opening lines of the Taylor Swift song, “Fifteen”; “Take a deep breath and walk through the doors, it’s the afternoon of your very first day. Say “hi” to the friends you ain’t seen in a while and try to keep out of Mr. Birchenall’s way…” It then went downhill rapidly from there! I reminded the Seniors that there are only 174 school-days until their graduation! – I think some of them had already worked that out for themselves – and I warned them about time and procrastination; that time is ruthless and once it has gone, there is no getting it back!

Thank-you to all the parents – both new and returning, that attended last Tuesday’s High School Parent Coffee in the Little Theater. Thanks particularly to the HS PCA reps who were all there and who were extremely helpful during the new parent and new student orientation day. On that same note, I want to say a huge thank-you to Crystal Cappuccio and her team of Ambassadors who ran the student orientation activities last Thursday – Well done to you all; a great effort and a great help. The High School Parent Coffee mornings will start a little earlier this year, at 7:30am (at the request of the PCA) so that you are not kept hanging around after you bring your children to school. Here is the link to the Powerpoint that I used and here is the Year-At-A-Glance that I promised (I have gone as far as the end of the first semester for now, but I’ll add more, later). Our next one will be on September 5th in which Mr. Swan and his team of counselors will be presenting – more on this to follow.

There have been a number of changes recently – even in the few short weeks since we broke for the summer, we have said goodbye to about 60 of our high school friends but yesterday we said hello to nearly 50 new. I would like to welcome all our new families – I hope that Manila can be somewhere in which you feel happy and comfortable.

We said goodbye to some teachers at the end of last year and so we have some new ones to welcome to our ranks.
• Caroline Garner Art
• Scott Lassey Counseling
• Karen Sagall Counseling
• Kristen Baek English
• Melanie Hunt English
• Catrina Walters Film
• Monika D’Aquale Modern Language (French)
• Yuki Geronimo Modern Language (Japanese)
• Jackson Pearce Physical Education
• Scott Cameron Science (Chemistry / Physics)
• Andy Ellmers Science (Physics)
• Irsa Sarkawi Science (Chemistry)
• David Martin Social Studies (Business Management)
• Tom Sheard Social Studies (Geography)
• Emily Simbana Specialized Learning Support

We also have a new intern this year, Rose Novak, who will be working with the Psychology teachers. Welcome to you all – I hope that ISM can be both a professionally rewarding and a fun place to work.

We also have some congratulations.
• Ms. Roseleip returned to Manila with her lovely daughter, Kélani Roseleip Fossouo
• Mr. Paulson became a dad for the second time. Welcome Darwin James Cruz Paulson

More Congratulations:
• Mr. Hill and Sheila Avestruz were married this summer.
• Mr. and Mrs. Birchenall are going to become grandparents for the 2nd and 3rd time.
• Mr. Robertson – Completed his 2nd degree in Math and Physics
• Mr. Armstrong – Completed his Masters degree in Mathematics
• Mme. de Blegiers and Mrs. Dickinson graduated from the Principal’s Training Center
Well done to you all.

Next week, on Tuesday will be our annual Open House evening, which will start in the FAT at 5:0pm sharp, with refreshments outside from 4:30pm. It is a tight schedule for the evening so do please try to arrive on time so that you don’t get a tardy slip from any of the teachers. Open House is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers in their regular classroom setting. It is a chance to put a face to a name and to learn a little about the courses that your son or daughter will be studying during this academic year 2017-18. The evening is different to the Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) that are held in October in that individual students are not discussed during Open House. During the evening, you will follow your child’s high school schedule, receiving a 10-minute “lesson” from each of his teachers, who will introduce themselves and their course.

Looking forward to seeing you at Open House on Tuesday, August 15th, and to another fantastic year ahead.

Have a great weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal