HS Friday Bulletin August 31

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Last Tuesday evening, I attended the Grade 9 “Navigating Your Way Through High School” and I realized just how much information needs to be absorbed so that parents can fully understand who we are as a school, where we’ve come from and where we and your child(ren) are going during their four years here. Thank you to Crystal Cappuccio and Scott Lassey for running this informative session. Here is the link to their presentation. During the evening, I also became aware that a second language course in ISMese is needed to gain a grasp on some of the colloquialisms that we use here. For this reason, I am sharing the ISM acronym sheet that I put together for the new parent coffee at the start of this year – I hope you find it useful.

Next Tuesday will be our 2nd High School Parent coffee of this year. Our Program Leader for Counseling, Eric Swan, will be holding an interactive workshop discussing some of the challenges that both students and parents face at ISM. Discussions will be facilitated by the counselors allowing parents to share their views and strategies that work for their family. Counselors will also share strategies – and data – relating to the questions/statements being discussed. Please come along to the Little Theater at 7:30 on Tuesday and share your experiences with other parents or simply listen to theirs.

I know that you will have already received an email about next Thursday’s IB Information Night in the Little Theater starting at 5:00pm, but I thought that I would give it an extra plug here. ISM offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, a program that is recognized in most countries of the world as a university entrance qualification. Students in Grades 11 and 12 may choose to work toward the full IB Diploma or they may take selected courses for a partial diploma. Students are required to take external examinations at the end of each IB course. This event will present the following:
• Overview of the IB program
• Outline of IB School Statistics and Results from SY 2016 – 2017
• College perspectives on the IB program
• Q & A
This event would be a great opportunity for you, especially for the new parents, to voice out your concerns, familiarize yourself with the progress and benefits of the IB program in ISM.

And finally, we have a pretty full program of sports here at ISM this weekend. Some of these should have been played last weekend but were cancelled due to the inclement weather. Please come to school and support the Bearcats if you are a sports fan and can afford the time.
Aug 31 HS Boys Aspirants soccer and MS A1 vs La Salle 5pm
Sept 1 HS Varsity Girls Soccer vs ICA 8am
Sept 1 HS JV Girls Soccer vs Poveda 10am
Sept 1 MS A2 Soccer vs DLSL 8am and vs Keys 12noon
Sept 1 HS Varsity Girls Volleyball vs CSA 8am
Sept 1 MS Boys Volleyball vs Xavier 8am
Sept 1 HS JV Girls Volleyball vs CJPS 11am
Sept 2 ES Rifa soccer festival #1 E&G divisions at ISM 8am
Sept 2 MS C1&C2 soccer teams at BSM 8am
Sept 2 ES C3 soccer team at BSM 1pm
Sept 2 MS Rifa Girls soccer at ISM 1pm
Sept 2 HS XCountry race #2 at Faith (MS & HS runners

See you on the bleachers!
Have a great (long-again) weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal