HS Friday Bulletin October 6

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’m looking back two weeks for this parent bulletin as I gave myself a week off last week for the long weekend. The first thing for me to do is to provide you with the links that I promised for the Great Works Concert and the Opening Ceremony Cheers from our Battle of the Bearcats. Both well worth a watch. Thanks to our IT department for getting these links ready for us all to enjoy.

Last week the Seniors in the full IB Diploma program (which is 170 this year!) were able to check a “biggie” from their to-do lists as they completed their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Presentations. Here is a link to the folder containing the presentations if you missed them and would like to watch. We are still uploading these presentations so please be patient. One of these presentations will be showcased at next Tuesday’s parent coffee – see below.

Next Tuesday at 7:30 in the Little Theater is the October Parent Coffee – Our IT Coordinator, Dr. David Collett will be in charge of this one and will be presenting on the technology that we use here at school both in the classroom and for communication between home and school. I have finally got the PowerSchool Parent app to work on my iPad and iPhone and together, David and I will be able to show you this working so that you too can access this added functionality. If you would like to have the app ready to go before you arrive then click this link that will take you directly to this app on the iTunes app store. Here is the agenda for the parent coffee:

ISM IT Learning Environment (Google Apps for Educators – GAFE)
• Google Mail
• Google Calendar  Google Classroom
• G+ (social media)
ToK Presentation
Interactive session on Social media
• Data on the services that students use
• Guidelines
• Family parameters
• Role of parents
PowerSchool Parent iOS app
Parent Portal
• Permission forms for activities
• iCampus Card
• PowerSchool

Next Wednesday our travelling IASAS athletes will be off the Bangkok and Singapore for the first season round of competitions. Good look to our soccer stars in Bangkok and our cross-country runners and volley-ballers in Singapore.

Here’s a message from our IT Coordinator:
As of October 2nd, Google Classroom Guardian Summary invites have started to go out. This email will come from a Gafe_admin account. Please be assured this isn’t spam and you may accept the invitation. If you haven’t received this email please check your spam folder. If you have any questions, or still haven’t received the invite, please don’t hesitate to contact me at collettd@ismanila.org.
Best Regards,
David Collett
IT Coordinator

And finally this week, don’t forget to make your appointments for the High School Parent Teacher Conferences on the afternoons of Monday and Tuesday, October 23rd and 24th. The registration software will open for appointments at 8:00am on Monday October 9th at which time you will be able to make appointments with up to 4 of your child’s teachers. Then, on the following Monday, October 16th, the system will allow up to 4 more conferences to be made (making a total of up to 8 conferences). A step-by-step guide on how to make appointments for Parent Teacher Conferences was sent to you by email from the High School Office last Tuesday. In some instances, a pre-booked conference time may be visible when you sign into the HS PTC Scheduler on the Parent Portal. In these cases, the pre-booking was made at the request of the named teacher. If a pre-booking has been made, you may change the given time to suit your availability but please do not delete it completely as this is a priority request. If you wish to know more about the reasons for this, please email your son or daughter’s teacher. In order to make appointments, you will need your Parent Portal username and password. If you have misplaced or forgotten these details, please call the High School Office on 840 8650 or email Sam Ramos (ramoss@ismanila.org) or Laurie Atilano (atilanof@ismanila.org).

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal