HS Friday Bulletin October 20

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’ll start this week by sharing the results from last weekend’s IASAS sporting endeavors. The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams played their matches in Bangkok and had mixed results with the girls taking the gold medal while the boys, up against stiff competition were placed 5th. In Singapore, the girls’ cross-country team medaled, with a bronze while the boys narrowly missed a medal place ending up in 4th. In the volleyball (also in Singapore), the boys narrowly missed out on the final, but managed to take the bronze medal in the 3rd / 4th playoff match while the girls made the final, after a nail-biting semi-final against ISB, but then couldn’t quite keep their momentum going and were beaten into a silver medal spot by a strong SAS team. Overall, a great first season again for our athletes. I would like to thank all the first season coaches, for their hard work, dedication and commitment – without them the student athletes simply wouldn’t have these great experiences.

Throughout this past week ISM has been hosting members of the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) / CIS (Council of International Schools) accreditation visiting team. The team’s role is to report on the self-study that we submitted at the beginning of the school year. This cyclic, 10-year accreditation process allows schools to take an introspective look at all aspects of school life and reflect upon areas of relative strength and areas for future growth. While I am confident that they will agree with our own self-study report that we are doing good work here at ISM their report will contain recommendations on how we can improve even further in terms of curriculum, co-curricular programs, facilities and all other areas of the school.

Last night, this year’s High School Play, “In The Heights” opened to critical acclaim. Everyone that I have spoken to have said that it is one of the best plays in years. I’ll be going tomorrow night and I just can’t wait. Please come along either this evening (Friday) or tomorrow evening (Saturday). Both performances start at 6:30pm – the play runs for 2 hours.

One of the members of the live band says, “I think that this year’s HS Play is truly something special and different from what we’re all used to. It’s really amazing how the cast is working on 24-25 songs in the span of 2 months. I think that with the combination of choreography and singing, In the Heights might be one of the best shows that the ISM’s Fine Arts department has produced.” Well done to all students and members of the faculty that have had a part to play in this production.

I have just returned from the Little Theater where this year’s RoboRumble is in full swing. Elementary School students are loving the mayhem while Middle School and High School students compete in various competitions pitting robot against robot. It really is an excellent event.

Well done to our teams of roboteers and thank you to Mr. Dingrando, Dr. Collett and Mr. Strychsrske once again for organizing this spectacular showcase of robotic awesomeness!

Looking ahead to next week, the final week before we get a break after a long 12-week section of this semester, we have a couple of “biggies” on the school calendar. We start with Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) on the afternoons of Monday and Tuesday (1:00pm to 6:00pm both days). We end with Filipiniana on Friday afternoon – a celebration of Filipino culture and customs. Come along for the parade at 12:00pm, then enjoy a program packed with Filipino music and dancing in the Fine Arts Theater at 12:20pm. The rest of the afternoon, from about 1:30pm will be the “Barrio Fiesta” in the Middle School Courtyard where there will be Filipino delicacies for sale to tantalize our taste buds

Wow, there’s a lot going on again! Have a great weekend everyone.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal