HS Friday Bulletin November 10

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back after a well-deserved week away from school. I do hope that your sons and daughters were able to rest, relax and recharge their batteries ready for the short push through to the Christmas holiday. This second “half” of the semester is only 6 weeks long (and the last week is iCare – but more on that in a later bulletin).

Thank you to all the parents that attended this week’s parent coffee. Mr. Woods and his team (Ms. Govier, Ms. Alvarez and Ms. Geoffroy), together with some of our outstanding students, provided a great insight on the importance of our Service Learning and co-curricular program and how it enhances and contextualizes the learning for our students in their curricular courses. It made us all realize the connections that can be made between the learning that goes on in the classroom and the world around us – thank-you. Here is the link to the information that I displayed at the end of Parent Coffee, for the big stuff that’s going on from now until the end of the semester.

I would like to reiterate here the message that Mr. Toze sent to parents on Friday regarding the end of the school day during next week’s ASEAN Summit:

“There will be a slight modification to the usual schedule on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All classes (ES, MS and HS) will conclude at 2:15 pm and buses will depart at 2:30. There are no after-school activities and no late buses. We ask all parents to ensure that those children who make the journey home in private car are collected without fail by 2:30. Faculty and staff will be allowed to leave school at 2:45 in order for them to travel home, and we wish the campus to be clear of children by then. I am hopeful that travel to and from school may even be easier than on most days but the area near the Convention Center in Pasay will be impassable, and there will be times when EDSA implements a “stop and go” system to allow dignitaries to pass through. We believe that our early start and early finish will avoid most of the complications. There may be an advantage, for those who drive their children to school, in leaving home ten or fifteen minutes earlier than usual. For the few parents whose residences are directly affected by traffic restrictions, we understand that you may choose not to send your children to school on these days, or you may make arrangements for them to stay over with friends here in the Fort.”

Other knock-on effect to our High School events calendar due to the ASEAN Summit are as follows:
• The Grade 12 Intramuros walking tour has been moved to December 5th
• The ALL Choirs Concert will take place on November 22nd
• The PCA Holiday Bazaar will now be happening on November 24th
• Run 2 the Sunset has been postponed until the 2nd semester

Here’s a message from our IT coordinator, Dr. Colett: As promised (sorry for the delay) here is a tutorial on how to use Snapchat. An Instagram tutorial is coming in the next bulletin. Additionally, we haven’t forgotten about the parent tech sessions, we are just sorting out topics and times and will get back to you on when is best to launch this initiative.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Mike Dickinson
HS Principal