HS Friday Bulletin November 24

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Well, I know that I’m biased on this one, but I thought that the All Choirs Concert last Wednesday evening was absolutely fantastic! It was so lovely to see students of all ages, from grade 3 to grade 12 making music together. The looks of excitement on the faces of Elementary and Middle School students when they were singing with the High school students was wonderful, and the maturity and role modeling on the part of the High School students will hopefully instill in the younger kids a love of singing that will continue far into the future. There were even a few of us “oldies” up there to show all the students that singing is something that we can get enjoyment from for years and years to come – thanks and well done to the Faculty Singers. The evening came to a rousing finale with a rendition of the gospel version of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah and it was really terrific. Thank you so much to Anne Provencher, Carrie Grev and Julie Lodi for all the hard work that went into preparing the students for the concert and huge thank you goes to Cecilia Lee who once again provided beautiful piano accompaniment, but unfortunately, will be leaving us quite soon – good luck Cecilia and again, thank-you. Well done everyone! It reminded me of why I love my job so much and how fortunate we all are to be around these fabulous young people every day.

To stay on this musical note (pun intended) I’d like to push the All Strings and All Bands concerts that are coming up next week – here are the blurbs that I sent out yesterday by email: We are pleased to invite you to our All-Strings Concert on November 27 (Monday) at 5:30pm in the Fine Arts Theater (FAT). This event promises to be a wonderful evening of music featuring performances with students from Beginning, Intermediate to Advanced Strings classes. The aim of this event is to showcase the acquired skills that your child has learned in Strings Class throughout the semester. We hope to see you there for a great musical celebration! Please join the MS and HS Band Classes for the All-Bands Emoji Concert on November 29th. With a theme of music and emotion, hear the first ever performance by the beginning band classes, swing to the groovy sounds of the HS Jazz Band and all the other fantastic band classes. Doors to the FAT open at 5:30pm.

More good news this week as I share with you that Mr. Hill and his wife are now proud parents for the first time. Here’s the message that Brad wrote to me on Monday: This is Ashton, our baby boy delivered this Sunday, weighing 7 lb. He is healthy and breastfeeding. Mum and baby are bonding, and Shiela is making a slow but steady recovery after the CS. I’d like to thank all contributors to the baby name suggestions. Choosing from such wonders as Cyprus, Benny and Kim Jong was really tough! Well done Brad and Shiela and welcome Ashton, our newest Bear-kitten.

Tonight, is Friday-night Lights, with Rugby and Touch games starting as early as 3:45 on the MS and HS fields and Basketball in the MS and HS gyms starting at 4:15. Hopefully, these games will build the confidence, stamina and skill levels of our sports-women and men, building from the experiences they had at the IASAS sports exchanges last weekend and making them more prepared for the Season 2 IASAS tournaments in February. (Athletes, go easy on the Christmas pudding in between!)

Have a great weekend everyone.
Mike Dickinson
HS Principal