HS Friday Bulletin January 26

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We started the weekend with a bang last Saturday, with the Battle of the Bands Prelims. An unusual venue this year in the bus parking area, due to the Elementary School field being out-of-action. The parking lot was transformed into a street concert venue and once again, the music was great. Obviously, not everyone can make it to the Finals but 8 bands and 8 vocalists made it through.

• Black Tears
• Cookie Problems
• Half Past Five
• Parental Advisory
• The Dashboard Dolls
• Twisted Adobo
• United States of Hysteria
• University Parkway

• Ben Reedy
• Iris Maloney
• Margaret Nethercott
• Meg and Kathleen
• Miguela Puyat
• Savion Garcia
• Silvana De Dios
• Yojana Narang

Well done to everyone one who performed at the prelims – I’m really looking forward to the finals again this year, which will he held on the Middle School Field on February 10th.

First semester report cards are now available for viewing and download through the Parent Portal. In line with the school’s sustainability measures, we are no longer offering print copies of report card. Here is a video tutorial which will help you to navigate through the website. The soft-copy of the honors certificate will also be available for viewing and download using the same system described above, from 8:00 am, Wednesday, January 31st.

Course Selection Week is coming up soon (February 5th to 9th) and to kick things off this year we had Ms. Cappuccio and Mr. Lassey present to parents at a Parent Information Session for Grade 9 parents whose child is moving to grade 10, then Mr. Swan and Mr. Relf held a similar session to inform grade 10 parents about the move to grade 11 and the introduction of the IB diploma as an option for the students. If you missed them, you can look at the slides using the following two links:
Link to Grade 9 to 10 Presentation (Grade 9 parents)
Link to Grade 10 to 11 Presentation (Grade 10 parents)

Later that same evening, Ms. Cheah gave a presentation to outline the offerings and procedures for summer enrichment programs together with information regarding testing:
Link to Ms. Cheah’s presentation

Thanks to Ms. Cappuccio and Mr. Lassey, Mr. Relf, Mr. Swan and Ms. Cheah for those informative presentations. On Thursday, the grade 10 students had an opportunity to speak with some of the teachers that teach courses that are unfamiliar to them; these include:

• Psychology
• Business Management
• Economics
• Sports Exercise and Health Science
• Environmental Systems and Societies
• Language A – School-supported Self-taught
• Global Politics
• Computer Science

We hope that this was beneficial and gave students a much clearer idea of these courses which in turn helps in the decision-making process for course selection. Here is a link to the Course Selection Book, which gives very detailed summaries of every course offered here in the high school.

Last Wednesday, we had an alumnus from the class of 2017, Stephanie Sy, give the keynote address, to all the high school students in the FAT, as part of Career Exploration Week– she really gave a sense of reality as she spoke about how her career path had been non-linear with successes and failures, highs and lows. After lunch on Wednesday, twelve returning alumni from the classes of 2006 and 2007 gave up their afternoons to speak to our sophomores about their current careers and how ISM and particularly the IB diploma had set them up for success at college and beyond.

On Thursday, we had our first official meeting to organize Graduation 2018! Thank-you to all the moms and dad! (well done dad!) that showed up for this meeting – we had close to fifty people there to listen to the outline of the program for Graduation and what needs to be done as we organize the event. Thanks particularly to those parents who have volunteered to be part of the committees responsible for:
• Senior Celebration Lunch – on the day before Grad.
• Graduation Décor – inside and outside the FAT
• Graduation Cocktail Food – outside the FAT before the ceremony begins.
Here’s a link to the presentation that I showed at the meeting.

Next week sees the culmination of the Season 2 IASAS competitions with the barmy-n-bouncy Basketball players heading off to Bangkok, the rough-n-ready Rugby/Touch teams heading to Taipei, the sleek-n-slippery Swimmers travelling to Jakarta and the terrific Tennis players staying here at home. Good luck athletes – if you win, win with grace and if you lose, lose with dignity and whatever the result, make us proud Bearcats!

And finally, a repeat message from the last couple of weeks as I remind you of a change from the hard-copy calendar regarding Tri-M Jazz Night. This event has been moved to Tuesday, January 30th in the Little Theater starting at 5:30pm. I thoroughly enjoyed this event last year when the band played and professional dancers were brought in to teach us and dance with us. This year, our students from Advanced Dance will be there to make us look good. Please come along, for a lovely evening of music, dancing and food.

I wish you all a restful weekend.

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal