HS Friday Bulletin February 23

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We’re moving closer and closer to the sharp end of the academic year’s stick and I do know that the seniors, in particular, are beginning to feel the pinch as their “mocks” approach in a couple of weeks’ time. Please encourage your child to devise a schedule when it comes to juggling the time dedicated to exam-prep study and other school work that is manageable and still builds in much needed down-time and of course the right amount of sleep every night. Without sleep, the brain is less able to process the events of the previous day and move the learning from that day from the short-term to the long-term memory. Sleep then forms an invaluable part of the learning process and cannot be taken lightly. Please make sure that you reiterate this message over the weekend and the next few weeks so that they can continue to thrive here at school.

This week, National Honor Society have run “Smile Week”; an event aimed at raising both awareness and money for Operation Smile, whose doctors perform life-changing operations on children right here in the Philippines with cleft palate. This year’s event consisted of students and faculty donating their talents to be supported by generous sponsors and has resulted in a whopping PhP500,000 being raised. That’s enough to fund 33 operations – their goal was 20, so they’ve done an amazing job this year in surpassing this. Thanks to all the NHS members involved in the organization (particularly Katie Go and Kayla Uytengsu), to the “Smile Reps” for donating your talent and of course to the sponsors for your generosity. Well done everyone.

As I mentioned in last week’s bulletin, the IASAS Cultural Convention is rapidly approaching. This week (continuing tomorrow) we have enjoyed the previews to these events. This evening at 5:00pm the second half of the music previews will take place in the AMR while tomorrow afternoon at 5:00pm in the FAT, you’ll be able to see the Dance, Drama and Tech previews.

I was able to catch a couple of short snippets of the Dance and the Drama performances this year and I can’t wait to see them in their entirety – each school’s dance performance is 20 minutes, while each play lasts 45. As well as Dance and Drama, we’re also hosting Art this year and you’ll be able to see the Art exhibition from all six IASAS schools from next Thursday to next Saturday in the FAT lobby and balcony.

The Musicians and Forensics / Debaters will be heading off to Taipei and Singapore respectively so, if you missed the previews you’ll have to catch these performances on either the live stream (where available) or the recordings on YouTube after they’ve been posted. As usual, the students could not possibly participate in these activities without the hard work, time and dedication of our extremely dedicated and talented faculty. Mrs. Hillman particularly has been working late every night for the past couple of weeks to ensure that this year’s Cultural Convention goes without a hitch and so please take time to thank her for her effort next time you see her. Thank you Marsha. In case you’ve missed the flyers, here’s the schedule for the full Cultural Convention:

Thursday, March 1st
1:00pm ISM Dance
1:35pm ISM Drama
5:00pm Art Exhibition Opening
6:40pm ISKL Drama
7:40pm ISB Dance

Friday, March 2nd
1:20pm JIS Dance
1:55pm TAS Drama
2:55pm SAS Dance
6:50pm ISB Drama
7:50pm ISKL Dance

Saturday, March 3rd
12noon Art Exhibition closes
1:15pm JIS Drama
2:15pm TAS Dance
2:50pm SAS Drama

Please come along and enjoy the talent!

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal