HS Friday Bulletin March 2

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’d like to start this week’s bulletin with the opening remarks from yesterday’s opening for IASAS Cultural Convention 2018.

Good morning everyone. Mabuhay! Welcome to International School Manila. It is my honor to open IASAS Cultural Convention 2018 – Art, Dance Drama and Tech. Cultural Convention is an opportunity to showcase some of the incredible talent that exists in our artists and performers. Over the past few years in education, we have started to talk more and more, about the value and the importance of creativity in education and how it will be the creative mind that shines through and leads the way for others to follow. Over the next few days I am confident that this creativity will be on display, and shining brightly; whether in the works of art in the final exhibition, on the stage when the thespians perform their plays, or when the dancers perform their final recitals. It takes real courage to bare one’s soul in a work of art or a performance – thank you, students, for your willingness to share your creativity with us. Of course, the dancers and actors would not shine as brightly as they do, without someone holding a spotlight – thanks to the Tech students who make sure that every performance is highlighted to perfection (in terms of both lighting and sound) so that the talent is showcased to the max. I remember a few years ago, when my brother was visiting from the UK and it happened to fall on top of Cultural Convention, he commented on the incredible talent that students were displaying; he went on though, to mention the hard work and effort that must have gone on behind the scenes from the “support crew” in the form of teachers and tutors that nurture and develop this talent. Students, remember to thank your support-crew for their hard work and effort. Events like Cultural Convention also take an enormous amount of effort on the part of the host school and I would like to recognize the energy that Marsha Hillman and her team have put into making this event possible – thank you Marsha and your ISM support-crew. Thanks, and have a great three days of Art, Dance, Drama and Tech.

You can still see the Art Exhibition, which contains some outstanding pieces this year, until Saturday at noon, outside of the FAT in the lobby and balcony. Also, the Dance and Drama performances continue through this evening and into tomorrow. Please come along if you enjoy either dance or theater and can spare the time.

Friday, March 2nd
1:20pm JIS Dance
1:55pm TAS Drama
2:55pm SAS Dance
6:50pm ISB Drama
7:50pm ISKL Dance

Saturday, March 3rd
12noon Art Exhibition closes
1:15pm JIS Drama
2:15pm TAS Dance
2:50pm SAS Drama

“Think before you Drink” is a Sustainability Council project that aims to reduce the waste from non-recyclable cups. As such, in the Kantina and Bearcat Cafe, Students, Faculty and Parents are no longer offered Plastic Lids and Straws unless they ask the concessionaires.

As such, we encourage parents to not use them and advise their children to avoid using plastic lids and straws and “Think before they Drink”! Or, as I suggested “Take pause before you use those straws!” (Ha, I’m a poet and you didn’t know it!)

Last Saturday, ISM’s brain-boxes competed in this year’s Academic Bowl at Brent. We entered 3 teams and made it to the final where ISM A was up against SAS A (Shanghai), who had also brought 3 teams to the Philippines. It was neck-and-neck with 2 questions to go; SAS answered the penultimate question and its 3 bonus questions correctly, which meant that ISM had to do the same with the last question to tie the game. We beat SAS at the buzzer and answered the question correctly, which just left the 3 bonus questions to tie. I don’t know what the questions were, but the answers to the first two were – get this – “Manila” and “The Philippines” which we answered correctly leaving just one more bonus question to tie. Unfortunately, the ISM team was not able to answer this third question (which, ironically, had the answer “Chinatown”) and we had to be content with Silver medal, which is a marked improvement on last year’s result. So well done to the Academic Bowl team for bringing home the silver. Their teacher coach Mr. Winters said that the excitement was so high that “he didn’t even do the grading” that he’d taken with him to Brent!

The Seniors will be studying hard this weekend to prepare for their IB mock exams which start next Thursday and run for 6 school days until Thursday March 15th. You can find the March mock exam schedule here and, although this is still some time away, here’s the link to the schedule for the real IB exams in May. Keep your foot on the gas Seniors! I know that this time of the year is incredibly hard, but know that your effort will pay off. Senior parents, do try to encourage your senior to get an appropriate amount of sleep over the next week or so – it is so important to their learning and retention of learned information.

Next week, on Wednesday, all high school students will be watching the documentary “Screenagers”, preceded by an introduction on Monday afternoon, then followed by an opportunity to discuss thoughts and ideas on the message of the film, the following Monday. Thanks to our Grade Level Coordinators for creating these sessions.

Next week’s Parent Coffee (Tuesday, March 6th), will be a slightly shortened version of this, with Blair Berg introducing the session with some data – then we’ll all have an opportunity to watch the documentary followed by discussion time at the end with the GLCs. Please come along on Tuesday and be a part of this screening and follow-up so that you can be on the same page as your child. Hopefully this will lead to meaningful conversations on the topic of screen-time at home too. Come along to “Screenagers” Parent Coffee on Tuesday, March 6th at 7:30am in the Little Theater. The PCA will be providing the popcorn!

The most important event of the PCA, the annual PCA International Night, is coming up soon – Saturday, March 17th. It is the biggest fundraiser of the entire year for the PCA so please come along and enjoy an afternoon of celebration of national dance in an international setting. The members of the various countries, regions and cultural groups represented at ISM come together to proudly show off their art, music and food. It is a spectacular showcase of multiculturalism that is unique in our school community. The event starts with a cultural show at the FAT. This year, there are 12 teachers who have banded together to show off their talents. They are keeping the details of their performance a big secret! The theme this year is “Holidays Around the World” and in line with this theme, you can sample the delicious holiday cuisine of the 38 participating countries at the International Buffet that follows the show. The Cultural show starts promptly at 4:30pm at the FAT. The International Buffet follows right after at 6:00pm in the ES Gym. We hope you and your entire family come to experience the culture and to try the delicious food! As this is a fund-raiser, there will be no complementary tickets, even for the members of the various dance troops; although student volunteers are not asked to pay. Thanks to Simran, Lia, Dowa, Penny, Lhen, Ana and the rest of the PCA for your hard work – and thanks to everyone who is working hard on your dances to make this a great celebration of both our diversity and our unity. Mark your diaries now! Saturday, March 17th from 4:30pm. I can’t wait!

Wow! There’s a lot going on (again). Have a relaxing and restful weekend everyone.

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal