HS Friday Bulletin March 16

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Well, I must share with you my last 2 days – they’ve arguably been 2 of the most enjoyable days of the year to date, and that’s saying something, as I do have so much to celebrate most of the time! Wednesday and Thursday this week was spent in the Middle School conference room as part of a panel of 8 teachers, administrators, counselors and parents, interviewing 10 prospective candidates for our ISM Filipino Scholars Program. Each year, 5 Fil-Scholars are selected to enter Grade 8 and then on for 5 years throughout Grades 8–12. We have been providing ISM scholarships since the Class of ’68 and for many of the scholars, this program has provided a life-changing opportunity which extends far beyond the 5 years that are spent here, but then on to universities and jobs/lives that would not have been open to them without it.

This year we had a diverse range of students apply in terms of background, financial need and academic level, and I want to share with you some of the answers to a couple of our questions to demonstrate the depth of the thinking and the level of their intellect, given that none of them had seen the questions before hand and were thinking on their feet.

When asked the question “Imagine you are a plant, an animal or a tree, which one would you be and why?” here are some of the answers they gave:

“A butterfly – I’m a social butterfly, but more than that; in a butterfly’s short life it spreads so much beauty all around them.”

“I’d be a mango tree – they’re strong, they provide shade and fruit and tools and other resources. Other plants grow around their trunks – I want to be someone that helps others to grow.”

“I’d be a tree – trees don’t move. Like a tree, I’ll stand along-side my friends until I have nothing left to give.”

“I’d be a tree – trees start small, but after a lot of growing, they become something great, something remarkable. I’d be a Narra tree – it’s really tough.”
The students were asked to share a saying or a quote, a line of poetry or a lyric from a song that keeps them going and that means resonates with them:

“Stars don’t shine without darkness.” I hope to spread light – my light will still shine even though I’m far away and there’s darkness all around.”

“My mom always says, “As long as you do your best, you’re a success – if you win it’s just a bonus” ”

“Those who look upon the oppressed and do nothing, align themselves with the oppressors”

“I wouldn’t have a problem if you aimed high and missed – you’re in trouble when you aim low and make it”

“A friend is not someone to magically stop the storm, but someone who stays with you until the storm is over”

I wonder if, at the age of 13, I’d be able to sit in front of a panel of 8 adults who I didn’t know and be able to answer questions like these with such confidence and maturity? Each interview lasted about 45 minutes and the panel was unified in the 5 scholars that will be part of ISM’s graduating class of 2022. I can’t wait to get them here to feed them with knowledge and water them with experiences and watch them grow over the next 5 years.

Congratulations go out this week to Mr. Mawer who will be the Grade Level Coordinator for next year’s Freshmen. Well done Andy.

The Seniors can breathe a little easier this weekend as they completed their IB “mock” exams yesterday. Well done Seniors for keeping things together at this incredibly busy time of year. I do hope that you can all get a little more sleep this weekend. You’re almost there regarding deadlines with the final CAS deadline on Wednesday together with some final deadlines for IA submissions in the Group 6 subjects for Visual Arts, Theatre and Film. Well done to Mr. Birchenall, Mr. Relf and Nyla Caras on the excellent organization of the mocks and for the collection and submission of the IA material to the IB.

Tomorrow, the PCA’s biggest day of the year is here – I’m talking of course about International Night! It is the biggest fundraiser of the entire year for the PCA so please come along and enjoy an afternoon of celebration of national dance in an international setting. The members of the various countries, regions and cultural groups represented at ISM come together to proudly show off their art, music and food. It is a spectacular showcase of multiculturalism that is unique in our school community. The event starts with a cultural show at the FAT. The theme this year is “Holidays Around the World” and in line with this theme, you can sample the delicious holiday cuisine of the 38 participating countries at the International Buffet that follows the show. The Cultural show starts promptly at 4:30pm at the FAT tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, March 16). The International Buffet follows right after at 6:00pm in the ES Gym. Since writing this section of the bulletin, Simran has told me that it is a complete sell-out for tomorrow so there will be no seats available for walk-ins. Well done PCA and see you all tomorrow afternoon.

Next week is a shortened one with Thursday being the last day before our Easter break. Because of this I’d like to remind you that the next High School Parent Coffee will be held on the Tuesday of the first week back, after the break (Tuesday, April 2nd). It will (mostly) be a follow-up session to the “Screenagers” screening that was held at the March Parent Coffee; some of our GLCs will be on hand to facilitate a discussion on our thoughts and ideas that surround this topic. As well as this, I’ve organized for 3 of our IASAS Cultural Convention students to perform for us. Here’s the agenda:

April 3rd Parent Coffee – Screenagers Follow-up and Cul Con celebration.
7:30 – 7:40 – Introduction
7:40 – 7:50 – IASAS Oral Interpretation – Isabella Leak (silver medal).
7:50 – 8:10 – Data share on screen-time – Blair Berg
8:10 – 8:30 – Discussion /Q&A/activities from March 12th student homeroom – Ben Paulson.
8:30 – 8:45 – New Parent Connect website (Screenagers link) – David Collett
8:45 – 8:55 – IASAS Vocal – Stephanie Harrison
8:45 – 8:55 – IASAS Piano – Irene Lee.
8:55 – 9:00 – Announcements (ATAC / FPA / CAS)

I hope everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend,

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal