HS Friday Bulletin April 6

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome back to school after, what I hope was, a relaxing, renewing, recharging and reinvigorating Spring Break. After 17 years living in Asia, the Dickinsons finally made it to Korea with a few days in Seoul and then Pyong Chang (the location of this year’s Winter Olympics). We were hoping to be able to ski but in just the 2 short weeks since the Games finished, most of the snow had melted and the temperature had soared to 16-18 °C at times during the day. So unfortunately, we were left with only clean mountain air and fantastic walks in the hills to compensate for the lack of skiing – it was wonderful.

Thanks to all the parents that came to last Tuesday’s HS Parent Coffee in the Little Theatre. We started things off with a bit of Culture-al Convention with Isabella Leak performing her silver-medal-winning oral interpretation of a passage from Max Shulman’s “Love is a Fallacy”. Well done Isabella.

Mr. Berg and Mr. Paulson joined us this month so that they could share with us some data from the Screenagers series of homerooms that we ran last month. This allowed for some short moments of discussion and sharing of thoughts between the parents who attended – thanks Blair and Ben. Mr. Paulson spoke about an article that made an analogy between technology use and nutrition and you can read the article here.

Mr. Collett has been working hard creating the new Parent Connect Website and he proudly (rightfully too) showcased this for us. Here’s a video that Mr. Strycharske created to piggy-back the Screenagers discussions with some extra data that we’ve collected from ISM students. Well done David and Carl – thanks for putting this together. One of the most poignant moments for me came from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) video which spoke about “being a parent today”. My parents always wanted to know where I was playing and who I was playing with – in the age of virtual “friendships” this is become more and more of a challenge as often we don’t know “where” they are (on the web) and often we don’t know “who” they’re playing with.

We ended with another bit of culture! Irene Lee accompanied Stephanie Harrison as she sang her solo from Cultural Convention – Nel Profondo. Then Irene showed off her incredible talent on the piano with some Chopin that was amazing. Thanks Stephanie and Irene. Here’s the link to the slides from last Tuesday.

A big thank you to Mr. Dingrando, Mr. Strycharske and Mr. Anderson for the time and effort that they and their students put into today’s Robolution and Maker Faire. Many schools have an annual Science Fair, but this has become our equivalent and it was absolutely fantastic. Once again, it was great to include the Middle School students in the Robolution – is that Dickinson Jr. I see? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—geek just like his dad.

Next week ISM hosts Track and Field and Golf and we are still in need of housing for the visiting athletes. If you are willing to house please use the online forms linked below to sign up. For families that have already registered to house, thank you and information regards your guests will be sent out this coming weekend to you via email from the ATAC office. Please help support if you can as we still need 36 beds for T&F athletes Wed-Sun April 11-15 and 30 beds for Golfers on Saturday night only of April 14. All teams will depart Sunday morning April 15th.
Golf sign-up One night housing only Sat Apr 14
T&F sign-up Housing from Wed night until Sunday morning 4 nights)
Our Badminton teams will be heading off the KL while the Baseball and Softball teams travel to Jakarta. Good luck everyone.

I hope everyone has a restful and relaxing long-weekend (Monday’s a holiday, remember!)

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal