HS Friday Bulletin April 20

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

We’ll start this week’s bullet with some well dones! To Isabela Alvarez, Andrea Geoffroy and the whole Sustainability Council for their efforts in raising our awareness of environmental, economic, wellbeing and societal sustainability issues. I saw a very timely report on the BBC news last night which reported that the British government are introducing measures to ban single use plastic straws and stirrers in an attempt to ease the burden of waste from our environment. Timely in that the Sustainability have been promoting the metal straw campaign here at school so if you haven’t purchased one already, now’s your chance.

Our second round of well dones this week is for all the effort that our Fine and Performing Arts team have put in this week. To Anne Provencher, Tom Nazareno, JC Joya and everyone involved behind the scenes for treating us to an excellent Finale Concert last Tuesday. Nadia Hartley and Catrina Waters once again organized a fantastic display of our students’ Films at this year’s ISM Film Festival on Wednesday; well done Nadia and Catrina. And our third celebration of the arts and culture came when we all concerned about Yek Barlongay’s apparent abduction with a whodunit, “Clue” themed 100% Dance yesterday evening in the Little Theatre (which was packed by the way); well done Yek and well done to Rocio Tambunting and Rahul Vanjani for being the sleuths / compères for the evening. Thank you to all the parents that supported these three events – without an audience they would simply not be as successful as they are.

Our third round of well dones goes to all the coaches and athletes for IASAS Season 3 and yet another fantastic series of tournaments in which ISM featured prominently. I tried to get out as much as possible on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday I was able to see all the action on the track and on the field and went home tired, happy, and with no voice after shouting far too much. Here’s a roundup of this year’s Season 3 results:
• Golf – Boys Bronze, Girls 4th
• Track & Field – Boys Bronze, Girls 4th
• Baseball (Boys) – Silver
• Softball (Girls) – Bronze
• Badminton – Boys 6th, Girls 4th

It’s been a great year for ISM regarding our IASAS Sports participation. Mr. Pekin reported to me yesterday that this is the best finish overall in his last 11 years of being in charge as Athletic Director. At one stage we were tied for first place and we finished the year in second on points but equal first on overall number of medals won – that’s fantastic! Well done to all involved and Go Bearcats! Season 3 Sports Awards will be held in the Fine Arts Theater on Wednesday next week (April 25th) at 5:30pm.

Also next week, I’d like to wish our Roboteers good luck as they head to Kentucky, USA for the VEX Robotics World Championships.

Finally this week – Today was the Senior’s last day of school before they take a week off to study for their final IB exams which start next Friday! They finished at lunch, but not before they had their fun this morning with their senior prank(s). The theme of the prank this year is Nightmare and they turned each of the hallways in HS into a different nightmare with snakes, spiders and cockroaches on the Biology floor, a π (pi / pie) theme on the Math corridor and ACT prep books strewn about the English hallway!! The Kantina was converted into a basketball court at break-time with Seniors acting as bouncers on the doors. Lots of fun!

After their fun morning, they were treated to a send-off lunch in the High School courtyard organized by the Senior Moms. The courtyard was turned into our very own Boracay and again, there was all sorts of fun (and lots of food) for the seniors to enjoy. Thanks Moms for your hard work.

Good luck Seniors as you prepare next week for your IB finals.

Wishing you all a restful and relaxing weekend.

Mike Dickinson
HS Principal