HS Friday Bulletin April 27

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

To start this week’s bulletin, I want to bring your attention to the latest smoking trend that appears to be hitting high schools around the world; Juuling. Juuling, is the next iteration in smoking from vaping, however, where vaping gives off those large plumes of blueish smoke, often smelling of fruit, Juuls are almost vaporless and often odorless. The Time website states that “These sleek vapes, which are not legally available to minors, resemble flash drives, come in a wide array of flavors and contain as much nicotine per cartridge—which lasts about 200 puffs—as an entire pack of cigarettes.” [Time.com].

Users, “charge” the juul using a usb port on their computers and because the Juul is easily mistaken for a thumb-drive it’s very difficult to spot (although I guess that because thumb drives are, increasingly becoming obsolete as students’ work in the cloud these days, one could argue that it might actually be easier to spot?)

What do parents need to know about Juuling?
Although Juul products, like most e-cigarettes, are made and marketed as smoking alternatives, the device is increasingly popping up on high school and college campuses. The term “Juuling” usually refers to this recreational use. Because of their sleek design and resemblance to USB drives, Juul products are easy for students to conceal and use in school — sometimes even in the middle of class. (Juuls also produce less smoke than many similar devices, making them even more discreet.) The problem has grown widespread enough that school districts in states including Kentucky, Wisconsin, California and Massachusetts have voiced their concerns and, in some cases, begun amending school policy to address the issue. Some college publications, including those at New York University and the University of Illinois, have also reported on the trend. [Time.com]. Read the full article here.

Are e-cigs safe?
While e-cigarettes contain fewer toxic substances than traditional cigarettes, the CDC warns that vaping may still expose people to cancer-causing chemicals. (Different brands use different formulations, and the CDC’s warning did not mention Juul specifically.) It’s not clear exactly how e-cigarettes affect health because there’s little long-term data on the topic, says Dr. Michael Ong, an associate professor of general internal medicine and health services at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles. “We just don’t have a lot of information as to what the harms potentially are going to be,” he says. “There likely would be health risks associated with it, though they’re not going to be the same as a traditional cigarette.” [Time.com]. Read the full article here.

What is ISM doing about Juuling?
This is a very new trend and right now we are in the investigation stage. As a start, sharing of this kind of information with parents and faculty will educate us all a little more on the topic. Students will also be informed that these devices will be treated in a similar way to any other legal drug (like alcohol or regular nicotine cigarettes) and the possession and trading of these devices will carry similar consequences. Mr. Birchenall wrote to the students this morning with the following message: The following infraction is written on p.27 of the ISM HS Student Handbook: Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are dangerous for the body and have a negative influence on student behavior and performance. Alcohol and tobacco possession or use by students on campus or at a school sponsored event is considered a major discipline offense. Any student who is suspected of alcohol or tobacco use at school or at a school function (on or off campus) will be referred to the principal team. I am writing to clarify that this includes vaporizers, Juuls or any other form of electronic smoking device. Students who commit this infraction can expect to be suspended from school immediately. Please let me know if you need any additional clarification in this regard.

Now on to other things…

This week, the French Honor Society (FHS) will be celebrating their annual main event – La Semaine de la Francophonie (Francophone week). Celebrating and educating the student body on French food, customs and culture. There were a number of fun cultural activities planned for each day of the week. Notice the theme for day1 – I can’t believe I missed that one!

April is Autism awareness month and the elementary, middle, and high school have dedicated this week to celebrate the diversity in the ISM community. The counseling team, together with our Student Ambassadors and SENIA reps (Special Education Network in Asia) have been educating students about communities they tend to be misinformed about, as well as promoting the increased understanding and acceptance of people on the autism spectrum.

In effort to advocate for this, student created activities which share this message to the community. Here’s the link to the video that was shown in last Wednesday’s high school assembly. Well done to Imaya Jeffries and Agnes Roche for getting up there in assembly and speaking to the high school

The VEX Robotics World Championships are currently being held in Kentucky, USA this weekend and our delegation of intrepid Roboteers, Mackenzie Crowe, Yanpeng Yuan, David Zhang and Ashwin Banwari are representing ISM. Thanks to Mr. Dingrando for preparing them and to Mr. Mr. Strycharske for accompanying them all the way to Kentucky.

The Senior IB Exams started this afternoon up in the Lofthouse for the 62 students taking Business Management, then next from next Monday and for the next 3 weeks for the rest of the Seniors. Even though the rest of ISM has a holiday on Monday and Tuesday, Mr. Relf, Ms. Nyla Caras and the Proctor team, (and of course those students studying courses to be examined on Monday and Tuesday) will be here. Good luck Seniors. You can find the IB/AP Exam Schedule here.

This weekend is a long weekend as it’s a national holiday for Labor Day on Tuesday, making next week a short 3-day week. Looking forward to next week. The MS/HS Art Exhibition starts on Thursday and runs until Wednesday, May 16th. The MS Play, Peter Pan, will be performed in the FAT at the end of next week – Friday and Saturday, May 11th and 12th.

Wishing you all a restful and relaxing long-weekend.
Mike Dickinson
HS Principal