HS Friday Bulletin August 17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’d like to start this week by recognizing the hard work and effort that went into another excellent Open House last Tuesday – It started in the FAT, with Dance Co. displaying their considerable talent with a dance that they’ve only had a week to put together. Thanks Dance Co. and thanks Yek Barlongay, who never fails to produce amazing performances from her girls and boys – next year, we have Mr. Nazareno’s Jazz Band to look forward to. After I left the FAT, I wandered the halls trying to get parents to class on time and I was struck by the buzz of excitement and happiness that you, the parents, were displaying; so thanks for that. I realize it is an incredibly busy evening to fit all 9 classes into a little over 2 hours; you all did really well! Thanks also to the teachers for being able to cover so much in a short 10-minute lesson. It is all so worth-while, when so many parents brave the Manila traffic and come to school for events like these. Well done!

Wednesday was “Club Expo” – an opportunity for students to sign-up to join one of the 60+ clubs that we offer here at school and which are all run by students. It was busy up in the Lofthouse as you can see – I’ve included a link to all the photos here. I’ve added the list of clubs, committees, societies and teams below to give you an idea of their range, volume and diversity. Take a look with your child – there is sure to be something that they can get involved in outside of the classroom if they’re looking to diversify

Looking ahead to next week, I’d like to remind you that we have holidays on Tuesday and Wednesday for
Ninoy Aquino day and Eid al Adha respectively. August is a bit of disjointed month with lots of public holidays and unfortunately these two happen to fall mid-week.

Next Thursday evening at 6pm to 7:30pm in the Little Theater we will be holding our annual College Application Night – run by our Counseling team. Their presentation will cover requirements, deadlines (internal & external), and strategies for parents AND students who are applying to universities around the world (Europe, UK, Asia, N. America). We strongly recommend Senior students and parents to attend.

Sports fans, our sporting year kicks off this weekend with the events below. If you are able. please pop in to the gyms and fields to watch and support our teams throughout the school sporting year. Our student athletes love to see you in the bleachers/stands cheering them on. Upcoming matches-
Fri Aug 17 HS volleyball team away games at Faith Academy
Sat Aug 18 MS/HS Cross Country race #1 at Faith Academy
Sat Aug 18 MS/JV and Varsity volleyball local leagues at ISM
Sat Aug 18 MS A2, HS Varsity and JV girls and HS Aspirants boys’ soccer local league at ISM
Sun Aug 19 Varsity boys’ soccer away at FEU
For full details of all matches, venues and game times bookmark the ATAC Game schedule which can be found on the ISM Parent Portal. Click on game schedule icon for all information relevant to mid-week and weekend matches for our Bearcats sports teams.

PowerSchool will open to parents next Monday, August 20th and our Admissions Office has asked me to remind parents of their responsibility to update demographic data (address, telephone numbers and email) if anything changes. We had a couple of cases at the end of last year when the school clinic needed to get in touch with parents but the numbers that we held on file were old and therefore incorrect. I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind all families that if you are going away for any length of time, you have an obligation to complete a “Temporary Guardianship Agreement” so that we know who to contact in case of emergency – the guardian that assumes this role may not be a yaya, housekeeper or driver. Thank you for your cooperation in both these regards.

Other News – I have some wonderful news about one of our clubs here at ISM. Last year, the Astronomy Club entered an international “Beamline for Schools” competition at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche) Physics laboratory, to perform an experiment involving subatomic particles (called pions) as an alternative to proton cancer treatment. More than 1,500 students in 195 teams from 42 countries entered the competition and, yes, you guessed right, we (along with one other school from India) won!!! Our team is the Beamcats and comprise Sae Joon & Sana, from the current Senior class and Yash, Charvie, Aarushi and Ashish from the graduating Class of 2018. They’ll be travelling to Geneva in September for two weeks of CERN-funded research. “Hard work and perseverance is the foundation on which we measure our success, and the fact that our CERN mentors identified this quality within us and our proposal was truly amazing,” said Charvie of the Beamcats team. Four of the team graduated and are about to begin the first year at college, the other 2 are currently Seniors. Well done you guys! GO BEARCATS… errr, I mean… GO BEAMCATS!!!

And now, an announcement from the Parent Community Association: At ISM, each division has a Parent Representative Group (PRG). This group meets with the divisional Leadership Team once a month so that we can maintain high levels of communication and collaboration between different stakeholder groups.
Below are the names of the HS Parent Representatives:
HS Executive Officer – Rhodora “Dowa” Manaloto
Grade 9 – Bonnie Santos and Asha Mirpuri
Grade 10 – Katty Qua and Dedet dela Fuente-Santos
Grade 11 – Penny Tan and Bhawana Dhungana
Grade 12 – Lia Te and Luz Siguion-Reyna
Our reps have started to contact all the parents in each grade level with information on how to join our grade level Facebook and Viber groups, should you wish to do so.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal