HS Friday Bulletin September 28

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

CERN Update: I have just returned from Geneva, Switzerland where I was accompanying the ISM “Beamcats” team at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). Six ISM students are there testing their proposal to use sub-atomic particles called pions as an alternative to protons for skin-cancer treatment. Their proposal won last year’s “Beamline for Schools” (BL4S) competition that CERN run annually.

I have left the Beamcats in the hands of Mr. Hill, who flew to Geneva on Monday to take over. After 3 days of tours, lectures and safety training, the Beamcats were able to get into the experimental building where they can now use the beam of high-energy particles to test their proposal.

Last Friday was the annual Battle of the Bearcats and I am happy to announce that the Seniors were this year’s winners of the Spirit Award – well done Seniors for winning, but also (and just as importantly) well done to everyone for showing your Bearcat spirit and fully participating in the day whether you were a participant in the event or simply cheering on your classmates. Here are a couple of links to videos from the opening ceremony for you to enjoy.
BoB 2018 – Opening Ceremony – Dance Co.
BoB 2018 – Opening Ceremony – ISSBA

Last week, while visiting classes, I was impressed with some of the work that has been going on in the Grade 12 Theory of Knowledge course. Students are preparing for their ToK Presentations, which will be held in the Little Theater and the AMR next week, from Monday October 1st to Thursday October 4th. The ToK Presentations are always some of the most impressive demonstrations of intellect and learning that our students offer each year. If you ever doubted if your Grade 12 child was ready for college then come along and put your mind at rest. Here is the link to the schedule. Please feel free to come and watch – you can enter the room at any time but please do so quietly if a presentation is already on the go.

Sports fans: Here are the up-coming events to look forward to this weekend.
Fri Sept 28 – ISM Twilight XC meet
5:00pm, 3.2km MS race
5:30pm, 5km HS race (Brent/Faith/BSM/Brent Subic/MS girls/JV girls)
Fri Sept 28 – Volleyball at ISM 3:30pm, Varsity girls
Sat Sept 29
10:0am, JV girls soccer plate final at Faith
VGirls soccer final or 3rd place game (time not yet confirmed)
VBoys vs Claret game time (time not yet confirmed)
11:0am, JV boys volleyball
11:0am, VGirls volleyball vs Assumption
Details of match times/venues can be found at ATAC game schedule via the parent portal. Go BEARCATS!

Another reminder that next Tuesday, October 2nd, is the next High School Parent Coffee, during which we will have the time and opportunity to talk to each other and to the ISM counsellors about stress and anxiety in young people after we watch the documentary film “Angst”.

The Parent Coffee will start at 7:30am in the FAT and will run a little longer this time, until 10:0am, so that there will be time for our counselling team to lead a session of Q and A.

Linked to this last item, Belinda Chiu, a Senior Associate Director at Dartmouth College is visiting Manila on the 22nd and 23rd October and has offered to run sessions for our students on mindfulness and resilience with a particular focus on reducing the stress and competitiveness of high school and the college admissions process. Although the timing is tricky given the fact that this is Parent Teacher Conference week and Filipiniana, we think these sessions will be extremely valuable for our students and have, therefore, created a schedule that allows her to meet with students, parents, counsellors, Wellness teachers and GLCs. It will mean that Grades 9 – 12 each miss one full block on either Monday 22nd or Tuesday October 23rd. Parents will have the opportunity to listen to Belinda speak on Tuesday October 23rd at 12 noon in the FAT.

Anxiety and stress seem to be on the increase in young people today. Anything we can do to keep the stress at manageable (even healthy) levels is an important part of our role as parents and educators.

A message from LIHAM: LIHAM, our school’s only creative writing magazine, is happy to announce that our first wave is now out! Check it out on our website (http://liham.net)! “This wave’s theme is Cycle. “Cycle” is a word with many meanings. It could mean a series of events that are regularly repeated, a recurring sequence of things, or simply another way to ride a bicycle. Cycles are something we always have to get used to as students and young people. From our A to H class cycles to our after-school sports practices, from our daily Snap streaks to our FRIENDS marathon on Netflix, our lives move in a continuous cycle towards the future”

And finally this week, don’t forget to make your appointments for the High School Parent Teacher Conferences on the afternoons of Monday and Tuesday, October 22nd and 23rd. The registration software will open for appointments at 8:00am on Friday October 5th at which time you will be able to make appointments with up to 4 of your child’s teachers. Then, on the following Friday, October 12th, the system will allow up to 4 more conferences to be made (making a total of up to 8 conferences). A step-by-step guide on how to make appointments for Parent Teacher Conferences will be sent to you by email from the High School Office next week. In some instances, a pre-booked conference time may be visible when you sign into the HS PTC Scheduler on the Parent Portal. In these cases, the pre-booking was made at the request of the named teacher. If a pre-booking has been made, you may change the given time to suit your availability but please do not delete it completely as this is a priority request. If you wish to know more about the reasons for this, please email your son or daughter’s teacher. In order to make appointments, you will need your Parent Portal username and password. If you have misplaced or forgotten these details, please call the High School Office on 840 8650 or email Sam Ramos (ramoss@ismanila.org) or Laurie Atilano (atilanof@ismanila.org).

Wishing you all a restful and relaxing weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal