HS Friday Bulletin October 5

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly this week, a huge “Well Done” to all the students and teachers for another really successful week of ToK presentations. I got in to see about a dozen and (as always) I was so impressed with the standard of presentation and the level of knowledge, understanding and the transfer of this knowledge to real-life situations. I listened to topics as varied as Artificial Intelligence, The Great Firewall of China, Misrepresentation of Race, Korean Dog Kidnappings, Grieving Orca Mothers and Predictive Policing. Well done everyone – another hurdle successfully completed for the Seniors! I will share the link to the ToK videos once they’ve all been completed.

Another “Well Done” is for the Counselling Team who organized last Tuesday’s Parent Coffee. 160 parents turned out to watch the documentary film “Angst” and then to listen to the answers to their questions from our panel of experts. Thank you to Dr. Lyn Butler, Mrs. Gayatri Hasan and our very own Mr. Scott Lassey for forming the panel. By popular demand we had a second viewing of Angst last night in the Little Theater where another 40+ parents came to watch. Here are the slides from Mr. Swan’s presentation last Tuesday and were not able to be viewed at that time.

Last Wednesday, during our regular Wednesday assembly, Mr. Birchenall gave a very strong message to the student body regarding the use of nicotine both in and out of school. This comes on the back of the visit from FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency) 3 weeks ago when the counsellor reported a near epidemic use of Vapes and Juules in US high schools. I reported on these (relatively) new devices for delivering nicotine into the bloodstream llst April 27 – here’s the link to the Parent Bulletin that contained the information about Juules. I want to share with you what Mr. Birchenall said to the students, so that parents are fully aware of the consequences faced by students who break our rules regarding drugs (nicotine) in school.

Like all communities, we sometimes face challenges that are best addressed in a public forum. On this occasion, the issue we are concerned with is the use of vapes or juuls by ISM students on school premises. A juul is a small electronic device that can be used to inhale nicotine (and other substances) quickly with relatively small amounts of smoke and little smell. We have known for some time that a small number of students have got into the habit of using them in school bathrooms and classrooms but we’re concerned that the numbers are growing. I’m not here to talk about the risks that juuling poses to your health, although we do plan to address these risks with you later this year. Today, I’m here to talk specifically about the consequences to your academic future should you get caught. Smoking on campus is against school rules and disrespects the core values of our school community. I think you all know that. Nonetheless, I want to warn you that if you are found to be in possession of a vape, a juul or any other form of e-cigarette while on school premises, you will be sanctioned in exactly the same way as if you were caught using it. The very least you can expect to receive is a lengthy out of school suspension, which will have implications for college admission, eligibility for honor societies and leadership positions, not to mention your relationship with your family. So, if you are one of those people that I am referring to, I suggest you reflect on whether you really want to keep on taking that risk. I don’t want to see a wave of out of school suspensions but this behavior lacks respect, brings discredit on our school and it needs to stop. I hope I can rely on you to respond positively to this message.

Looking ahead to next week and beyond:

This morning the registration software for the Parent Teacher Conferences opened for you to make your first 4 reservations for the PTCs on the afternoons of October 22 and 23. We limit you to 4 reservations right now so that everyone has the opportunity to make reservations. Next Friday, the system will allow you to make 4 more conferences (up to a maximum of 8). When you log in, you may see that a conference has already been made for you at the request of a teacher. Please feel free to change the time of this conference to suit your needs, but do not delete it entirely as the teacher wishes to speak with you about your child.

Please book your tickets now for next Thursday, Friday or Saturday (October 11-13) performance of this year’s High School Play; an adaption of the novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories, which was originally written by Salman Rushdie for his young son, but has since attracted readers of all ages. The cast has been working since August with HS Theatre teacher, Ms. Tami Monsod, to devise unique ways to stage this fantastical journey. This is a great piece of story-telling that is perfect for the whole family. At the beginning of the play, young Haroun is finding life difficult. His mother, Soraya, has gone and his famous storyteller father, Rashid, is losing his ability to tell stories. Haroun discovers a way to help his father, but it involves a dangerous journey to the Sea of Stories and through a war between the Kingdoms of Gup and Chup. A long the way, he is assisted by many unique and magical beings. This play is appropriate for the whole ISM community. ES students will enjoy the bright costumes and larger-than-life characters, MS students will love the physicality and humour, and HS and adult audience members will appreciate the thought provoking ideas explored around the theme of censorship and the importance of stories in our lives. The play will be performed in the ISM Fine Arts Theatre 5 times:
Thursday, October 11th @ 6pm
Friday, October 12th @ 6pm
Saturday, October 13th @ 10am, 2pm & 6pm

The show starts with a unique entrance so arriving late won’t be possible; please be on time. There will be no intermission as the show is estimated to last about an hour and 15 minutes. The play will use reverse staging, which limits the amount of seats available at each show to 186 and means there will be assigned seating. To ensure you get the date and seats that suit your family, buy your tickets early rather than wait until the day. Tickets cost 150PHP for students and 300PHP for adults. There are two ways to pay for tickets:
Pay in cash at the ISM Cashier’s Office
Pay at the electronic kiosk, print a receipt, and take this to the Cashier’s Office to exchange for a ticket.

Wishing you all a restful and relaxing weekend.

Mike Dickinson
High School Principal