HS Friday Bulletin January 25

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

There has been a lot going on in the high school this past week or so – and therefore lots to celebrate and thank people for.  Last Saturday night was the Battle of the Bands prelims and after me being a little worried in the afternoon when I felt a couple of drops of rain, it turned out to be a lovely evening once again, both in terms of the weather (which was clear and cool) and the music (which was outstanding).  Well done to all the performers, the judges and the organizing committee, under the watchful eye of Mr. Preston Spradling.  Of the performers, the following have made it through to the finals which will be held on the evening of Saturday, February 9th.


  • Isabella Leak
  • Pari Pradhan
  • Sammy Gemayel
  • Miguela Puyat
  • Meg Barraca
  • Lexi St. Laurent
  • Margaret Nethercott


  • Black Tears:  Caden Romualdez, Jack Cariaso, Nabil Ruhaizat, Sam Jeffrey, Christian Lising
  • Hysterical Reunion: Seamus Morrison, Rahul Vanjani, Xavier Siazon, Ivan Ahmed, Kang Hee Huh
  • Our Moms Told Us to Do This:  Kathleen Simba, Stephanie Harrison, Jeremy Ginting, Keith Choa, John Chua, Nadya Agustono
  • Parental Advisory: Maile-Anne Dupuy, Margaret Nethercott, Dania Shadid, Nadya Agustono, Jon Nielsen, Nirro Salva
  • Saxy Beats:  Kang Hee Huh, Byeong Lee, Carolina Escaler, Andy Sanda, David Ha, Joaquin Jimenez, Seba Nieminen, Lance Tan, Carmel Limcaoco, Sam Mamaril, David Lehrer, Irene Lee, UK Inciong, Rishan Kavel, Abhinav Subramaniam, Christian Lising
  • Soup: Seamus Morrison, Xavier Siazon, Caden Romualdez, Ivan Ahmed, Christian Lising
  • Young Money Records: Luis Villanueva, Russel Sy, John Chua, Abhinav Subramaniam, William Hu

This week is career exploration week where we focus on Grade 10 students as they prepare to enter the IB diploma years of grades 11 and 12.  Last Tuesday we had a marathon evening of information for parents of Grade 9 and Grade 10 students as they prepare to make course selections for school-year 2019-2020.  Thank you to Mr. Relf and all the counselling team for putting together such detailed presentations.  Thank you also to the parents that came to the sessions – there were about 300 in the Little Theatre for Ms. Cappuccio and Mr. Lassey’s Grade 9 talk, then about the same in the FAT for Mr. Relf, Ms. Berry and Ms. Tao.  Well done everyone.  If you were not able to attend you can take a look at the presentations by clicking on the links below:

  • Crystal Cappuccio and Scott Lassey’s presentation for students moving from grade 9 to grade 10 is here
  • Mike Relf’s IB presentation for grade 10 students entering grade 11 can be accessed through this link
  • Alexandra Berry’s presentation on summer courses can be found through this link
  • Stephanie Tao’s presentation on university admissions testing can be accessed here

On Wednesday, Mr. Swan and Ms. Wong organized various speakers from different fields of work to talk to the grade 10 students about their pathways into the jobs that they currently hold – a common thread was that the path was non-linear, so it gave the Sophomores the idea that they’ll need to overcome hurdles and obstacles on their road to employment.  Thank you to the following alumni that gave up their time to speak, and a big thank you to Carlo Fong Luy who addressed the entire high school in the Wednesday assembly.

              Speaker                  Batch     Career Field

  • Paolo Bitanga                    ’09          Film Director/Producer
  • Brett Bayley                       ’06          St. Louis Cafe – BGC
  • Carlo Fong Luy                  ’09          United Nations
  • Marion Branellec              ’08          Jeweler
  • Jono Pisano                        ’09          Freelance Painter
  • Ricky Mirani                      ’07          Food/Beverage
  • Ian Sermonia                     ’98          Hospitality Industry
  • Alex Roque                         ’11          Artist/Fashion
  • Winnie Wong                     ’09          Teacher/Entrepreneur
  • Ronnie Fortich                   ’95          Musical Director

Following on, and again part of our career exploration week, on Thursday afternoon the grade 10 students had the opportunity to listen to the teachers of courses that, so far, they have not experiences so that they can make more informed decisions when they select their courses next month.

Thank you to all the parents that came to our first Graduation committee meeting on Thursday morning.  Ms. Hillman, Ms. Patrikios and I ran through the program for graduation and invited interested parents to put themselves forward for one of the 3 graduation committees, responsible for the organization of:

  • Graduation decoration (inside and outside the FAT)
  • Graduation cocktail food (before the ceremony)
  • Senior celebration / lunch (the day before graduation)

Here is the link to my presentation.  If you were not able to attend the meeting but would like to be a part of the organization of grad by volunteering for one of these 3 committees, please get in touch with Laurie Atilano (AtilanoF@ISManila.org) in the High School Office.

Well done to our HS Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball teams in the Hardeman tournament held at school Wednesday and Thursday this week. Out of 8 games ISM won 7 and lost one game by 1pt only. Our Varsity boys Rugby team also defeated BSM Thursday night 27-5 to win the local league final. Well done to all teams. 

Looking ahead:

Tri-M Jazz Night is a night of food, dancing and jazz music organized by the Tri-M Honor Society. There will be performances from Show Choir, Advanced Dance, and Jazz Band centered around this year’s theme of La La Land.

Tickets are 500 pesos including free catering and are being sold in front of the canteen on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30 to 12:00 pm, as well as in the cashier.

All funds from this event will go to Tri-M’s service partners CJ Learning Center and Tondo Chamber Orchestra. Jazz Night will be on Tuesday, January 29 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Finally this week, we wish all our travelling athletes (and those staying here in Manila) all the very best of wishes for success and next week’s second season IASAS tournaments with:

  • Swimming here at ISM
  • Basketball in Singapore
  • Rugby / Touch in Kuala Lumpur
  • Tennis in Bangkok

And with that, I wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.



Michael Dickinson
High School Principal