HS Friday Bulletin April 5

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I start this week with a big thank-you to the High School Counseling team that provided so much information in  Tuesday’s High School Parent Coffee.  Some great information regarding the college admission process, consent, healthy relationships and self-advocacy and the move from Naviance to Cialfo.  I’ve decided that all I need to do to pull in a big crowd at our monthly parent coffees is to add the word “College” to the agenda and you flock here in your droves!  I mentioned this to our Elementary Assistant Principal this week who is going to use the title “ISM Preschool – preparing your child for Harvard” for their next ES Parent Coffee in the hope that they too can drive up numbers (joke lang!).  Seriously though, thanks to the 150+ parents that came to school on Tuesday morning – I do hope that you found the session informative and useful.  Well done ISM Counseling team – Yay!  Here’s the link to my presentation.

Next a plug for you to promote this year’s Prom with your Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 child.  Prom tickets went on sale last Monday, April 1st and the new online reservation system has produced some promising early sales – it is always an anxiety-raising time for our Grade 11 Grade Level Coordinator, Ms. Waldock, as we have had to pay upfront for the Fairmont Makati on April 24th.  Fingers crossed we can sell the required number of tickets to break even (and perhaps raise a little extra which will go to our service partners).  Prom is just a lovely evening and every year (for the past 10 years now) I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our students dressed to the nines and enjoying themselves in a different setting to school.  Thanks for your support.

The PCA International Night was absolutely fantastic again this year.  My sides were splitting at the ISM teachers attempting to convince the audience that there is anything at all cultured about Great Britain’s dancing traditions – they were brilliant – well done to them and all the parents that participated.  Some of the slide presentations behind the dancers made me want to go explore some parts of the world as yet unvisited and the finale dance by Team-India saw our incumbent PCA President, Simran Uttamchandani elegantly elevate to end the whole concert – with sparks flying out of her head.  It was fantastic.  Well done PCA for another spectacular evening of culture and food.

A big thank-you also to the Grade 12 parents and Grade 12 PCA reps for the wine and cheese afternoon that they organized on Thursday as a thank-you to our teachers of the senior class for the work that they have done in preparing the batch for the wider world and particularly for the work that they have done with college recommendations etc.  Well done!

Sports fans, a bit quieter this week on campus….

Saturday April 6th & Sunday April 7th
**High School Baseball away games on Saturday and Sunday at Sto.

Saturday April 6th
**Softball team practice games at ISM from 11am
**Track & Field team training at ISM from 8:30-10:30am
**HS Varsity badminton teams practice games at ISM
**Golf team final practice at Mt. Malarayat.

And with that, I wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.