HS Friday Bulletin April 12

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Monday afternoon was our annual serving of 100% Dance in the FAT.  Once again, the Dance Co. dancers put on a wonderful display of their talents with many genres of dance from ballet to body-popping on display.  Thanks as always, to Yek Barlongay for bringing the best out of the students and of course thanks to the students for such a fantastic show.  Also a shout-out goes to Sandro and Bernardo who were the comedy act between performances that allowed time for the dancers to transition and change.

Sports fans, keep up to date with all the S3 IASAS action via the links below. Tournaments will run Thursday through Saturday this week. Best wishes to all our traveling coaches and athletes.

           Baseball/Softball at ISB https://iasas.isb.ac.th/

           Badminton at JIS http://iasas.jisedu.or.id/badminton_2019/

           Golf at JIS IASAS Golf results 

           Track & Field at TAS http://www.tas.edu.tw/iasas-track-and-field-2019

As I write this bulletin, we have started strong in Jakarta in the Golf with the boys in 1st and the girls in 2nd after day one.  Also a strong start in Taipei for our Track and Field teams overall 2nd and 3rd for boys and girls respectively – and some individual and team medals already starting to roll in.  Not so strong a start for the Badminton and Softball/Baseball, but there is still time for them to up their games during day 2. I’ll summarize all our sporting achievements in next week’s bulletin.  GO BEARCATS! 

Looking forward to next week.  On Tuesday we have the Finale Concert for Strings, Band and Choir in the Fine Arts Theater at 5:00pm.  From 5:00 to 5:30 you will have another chance to see and hear our octets that performed at the IASAS Cultural Convention last month, then the main event of the Finale Concert will start at 5:30pm

Next Wednesday is the Robotics Maker Faire, all day in the Little Theater.  Come along and satisfy your inner-geek.  There are always some impressive inventions and contraptions on display that will delight and amaze you.

And with that, I wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.