HS Friday Bulletin April 17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

A short bulletin this week as we finish for our Easter break.  I wasn’t going to write one but I feel compelled to do so after such a wonderful set of results (for the most part) from last weekend’s IASAS Season 3 tournaments.  Thanks to Mr. Pekin for the following summary.

Sports fans,

Season 3 IASAS has concluded with some outstanding results from our Bearcat athletes and hard-working coaches. A big thanks to all the coaching staff for their dedication and efforts this past weekend and throughout the season.


Boys Golf         GOLD (1st time ever to win gold at Golf)
Jed Dy Gr 9. Won boys individual GOLD shooting 72 and 71 in stroke play
Girls Golf                       SILVER
Boys Baseball               SILVER
Girls Softball                 4th place
Boys Track & Field     GOLD
Girls Track & Field      4th place
Girls Badminton          5th
Boys Badminton         6th

Track Medalists:
Girls Javelin                 SILVER       Juju Lapus
Boys Triple Jump        BRONZE    Marco Dyens
Boys 100m                    SILVER      Sam Hobbins Gold/Tim Troetschel
Boys 400m hurdles   BRONZE    William Fermanis
Girls High Jump          SILVER       Johanna Olafsson
Boys Shot Put              SILVER      Dhendup Dorjee Gold/Matt Kelly
Boys 200m                    BRONZE    Sam Hobbins Gold/Tim Troetschel
Boys 4×100 relay   GOLD (C.Kluck/W.Fermanis/T.Troetschel/S.Hobbins)
Girls Discus                  GOLD         Nicole Manalac
Boys 400m                    SILVER       Sam Hobbins
Girls 100m hurdles     SILVER       Ysabel Del Fierro
Boys 110m hurdles    BRONZE    Tim Troetschel
Boys Discus                   GOLD         Matt Kelly
Girls Triple Jump         GOLD         Riho Kasai
Boys 1600m Medley  SILVER      (C.Kluck/M.Dyens/S.Hermans/S.Hobbins)
Girls Long Jump          GOLD        Riho Kasai
Boys High Jump          SILVER       Jared Fermanis
Girls Shot Put              BRONZE    Imaya Jeffries
Girls 4x400m relay    SILVER    (R.Kasai/Y.Del Fierro/A.Daniels/M.Georgy)
Boys 4x400m relay    GOLD  (C.Kluck/W.Fermanis/T.Troetschel/S.Hobbins)

ISM School Record Breakers:
Boys 4×800 Relay    (A.Beuerle/S.Jeffrey/T.Lwin/S.Hermans) 8:32.49
Boys 1500m              Alex Beuerle 4:20.14
Boys 4×400 Relay    (C.Kluck/W.Fermanis/T.Troetschel/S.Hobbins) 3:31.09

The final HS sports awards for our S3 teams will be held April 24th 5:30pm at the FAT.

And with that, I wish you all a restful and relaxing Easter long-weekend.