HS Friday Bulletin April 26

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

A belated Happy Easter to you all.  I do hope that, even though it was a much shorter break than usual this year, you and your child(ren) were able to get some well needed R&R before the final push to the end of the school year.  We do have a couple of holidays coming up: next Wednesday, May 1st, is Labor day and Monday, May 13th is another holiday for National Elections.  Please put these dates into your calendars.

I’d like to start this week by wishing Brad and Jasmeen Philen congratulations on the safe arrival of their second child.  This Tuesday, April 23rd (Shakespeare’s Birthday! – Brad, as an English teacher, that’s got to be a good omen!), just before noon, Ava Caroline Philen “finally arrived, 13 days overdue! She weighed a healthy 7.8 pounds in a record speed of a little over an hour.  Everyone is happy and healthy!”  Well done Brad and Jasmeen.

Before heading to the hospital, Brad even made it for the “Human 100” that the 1000+ high school students, teachers, and support staff formed on the high school field as we prepare for our centennial celebrations next school year 2019-2020.  I haven’t seen the final pictures yet but I’m sure they’ll be used often in the build-up to the celebrations in March of 2020

The ISSBA (International School Student Body Association) elections went without a hitch again this year.  ISSBA is ISM’s elected student council who act as a conduit between Administration and the student body.  Next year’s ISSBA Council are

President: Martin Jee
Vice-President:    Bryan Palmero
  Harry Bartlett
  Doil Han
  Liam Ramos

Congratulations to the successful students and commiserations to those who ran but were unsuccessful on this occasion – don’t give up. Try again next year!

Yesterday, I was invited to see the jeepney that was purchased for one of our service partners, Child Hope.  Much of the money raised to fund the purchase was through the sales of miniature (live) Christmas trees (mine is alive and thriving in our back garden). 

Well done to all the students, teacher supervisors and parents for the work that went into this project, but an extra special shout out goes to Andrea Lee, Sae Joon Cheon, Keith Choa, Putra Wibowo and Ms. Patrikios for their massive efforts.

Four Freshmen are currently representing ISM in Kentucky, USA at the 2019 VEX Robotics World Championships.  Here is a brief update from Mr. Venhuis who is chaperoning them for this trip.

“This week ISM sent a team of four Grade 9 students to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the VEX Robotics High School World Championship. The competition has 850 teams.  To reach this point the team, named E.D.S.A. is formed by Javier, Ignacio, Alvaro and Peter, participated in our local Philippine competitions as well as travelling to Taipei to compete at TAS. The robot they have built is designed to pick-up balls, then shoot them at colored flags, and additionally it can flip colored caps on the ground. The goal of each individual match is to gain the most number of points by the flags and caps that represent your team’s color, red or blue. Thus far it has been a great experience for the team. They have been able to meet new students, troubleshoot problems and gain valuable experience competing at top level robotics.” 

Thanks for the update Mr. Venhuis and GO ROBO-CATS!

Finally this week, Today was the Senior’s last day of school before they take a week off to study for their final IB exams which, for some of them, start next Thursday!  They finished at lunch, but not before they had their fun this morning with their Senior prank(s).  After their fun morning, they were treated to a send-off lunch in the High School courtyard organized by the Senior Moms.  The courtyard was decorated with lanterns and had cushions in shady spots for the kids to relax for an hour or so, and (of course), there was lots of food for the seniors to enjoy. 

Thanks Moms for your hard work.  Good luck Seniors as you prepare next week for your IB finals.

And with that, I wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.