HS Friday Bulletin May 17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Exams finished for the Grade 9, 10 and 11 students yesterday so they should all be back in classes, reviewing the papers and correcting misunderstandings and misconceptions.  A huge thank-you goes to Sam Ramos and Mrs. Dickinson for their organization of the schedules and the students this year.

Anyone would think that Sophisticated had been planned as a celebration of the end of the exams for the Grade 10s!  Sophisticated is tomorrow evening (May 18th) here at School in the Little Theatre thanks to the hard work of Ms. Gough and Mr. Berg together with their team of student planners – a big thank-you goes out to the organizing committee who put on this annual event for the sophomores. 

For the Juniors and the Seniors, we have Prom of course.  Again, this coincides with the end of the IB exams for our graduating class as their last exam will be next Friday.  Prom this year will be at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati on May 25th.

I would like to reiterate here our rule regarding alcohol in light of the proximity of these two events.  Any student that has found to have drunk alcohol before Sophisticated or Prom will be refused admittance (with no refund).  I imagine that some students will want to go out after these events but there is really nothing the school can do about that – please make sure you know what your children are doing after Prom and/or Sophisticated as, once they leave the school, this responsibility lies with you, the parents.

Sports fans! This Saturday in the middle school gym we host the ISM Judo Invitational. If you are on campus, please drop in to check out the action from 8:30am.

We have had a promising start to our launch last week for triple IASAS housing for season 1 hosting in October. To date we have 125 promised beds. Still 205 to get to reach our total of 330 beds needed for the Volleyball, Cross-country and Soccer athletes. If you can squeeze in a pair of athletes to support this super centenary kick-off IASAS event Oct 9-13th please sign up here.  Let’s go BEARCATS!

And with that, I wish you a restful and relaxing weekend.

Best wishes,

Michael Dickinson
HS Principal