Letter from Mr. Toze

Dear Parents:


As you may know, we put together our school calendar more than a year in advance in order to help our community plan their vacations. This is not always easy, since the location of special holidays is a mystery at times and often not confirmed until very close to the days themselves. Under the previous administration, there was a policy that all public holidays would be moved to the nearest Monday. Although this wasn’t strictly adhered to, it did at least allow us to plan our calendar with some degree of certainty. More recently, we were told that holidays would be allowed to fall on their proper dates – whether that happened in the working week or at the weekend. For this reason, we did not plan for a holiday to mark Eid-ul-Fitr, which should be celebrated next Saturday evening and into Sunday. However, we have just been told that a proclamation has been signed to denote next Monday as a special holiday in honor of Eid.

We are, of course, obliged to follow this mandate, and accordingly there will be no school on Monday 20th August.


Having lost two days to the rains that fell last week, I am unwilling to concede yet another school day out of our year, and for this reason we shall begin the second semester one day early on Monday January 7th instead of on Tuesday January 8th.


David Toze