HS Parent Bulletin April 27

Dear Parents,

 Today was a great day in the High School! I arrived at school and began life as a Principal with an IMac on my desk! Soon after that the corridors of the High School reverberated with the sound of the Senior Class 2012 cheer, as the senior class celebrated their final day of regular classes with a prank that kept the rest of the school in their classrooms for a few extra minutes of lunch. This particular senior class has a great bond and they really represent our ISM values of Integrity, Service and Merit incredibly well.

 So grade 12 IB students will start their external examinations next Wednesday, May 2nd.

 We wish all our seniors the best of luck for their exams.

Seniors should:

  • Study hard and revise wisely.
  •  Eat, sleep and exercise properly, during the exam period.
  •  Arrive early to all exams so that they are not held up in Manila traffic.

 Again I am very proud to report that we have witnessed outstanding work in many of our end of year performances. The quality of our recent Fine and Performing Arts events; the IB Art Exhibition, IB Film Festival, 100% Dance Co and HS Finale Concert are continuing examples of stunning performances from our student body in the area of Fine and performing Arts. Please check the calendar and do not miss any of the upcoming performance opportunities.

Next Tuesday is a public holiday and no doubt seniors will be studying hard, but it is not too early for the grade 9-11 students to begin preparations for their final exams which will be in the week of May 14-18. After this week teachers will give feedback on the learning that was evidenced in the final exams and then begin the process of final assessments and report narratives. It is vital especially for the junior class to stay focused right through until the end of school, as this is a very valuable time for IB work, internal assessments and extended essay work. There is an extended essay workshop in the HSMC tomorrow from 9:00am -3:00pm for all IB Diploma students. This is a real chance to make significant progress on this compulsory part of the IB Diploma.

 We have 20 school days until Graduation 2012 and 23 until the end of school year!

 Kind regards,

William R.S. Brown

High School Principal

HS Parent Bulletin April 20

Dear Parents,

As we move into next month we will be into that season of saying farewell and goodbye to students, parents and faculty, who for various reasons are moving on from Manila.

 As part of the process of “signing out” in the High School we talk of our “big four” ritual ceremonies that serve to mark the end of the year. On Friday May 18th we have the annual Honor Societies celebration. This is a formal event by invitation and this year our guest speaker will be H.E. Ambassador Christopher Thornley. This is followed on Tuesday May 22nd when we celebrate academic and service excellence at the High School Honors Awards ceremony. The High School Office will attempt to contact and invite all parents of award winners for this event. Then a week later we will graduate 189 seniors at High School Graduation.

 However much more imminent than these three events is this weekend’s Junior-Senior Prom, to be held tomorrow night, Saturday, April 21st at the Intercontinental, Makati. The Prom Committee under the guidance of Dale Hutchison has worked extremely hard to organize what I am sure will be a stunningly razzmatazz Prom 2012. It is usual at this time for me to add a serious and necessary ISM disclaimer. The ISM Prom finishes at 11pm. Any event that the students organize on their own after the official Prom is not sanctioned in any way by the school. We advise all parents to communicate with their  son/daughter  to determine what their individual plans are and what boundaries exist as appropriate for respective families.

 I hope to see many of you in attendance in all of these events as we celebrate another rewarding year at ISM.

 As usual at this time I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have directly or indirectly supported the High School this year. We will host our final HS Parent Coffee this coming Tuesday, April 24. As part of this meeting I will brief parents on departing faculty and their replacements. I have also invited the counselors in to share with you some of their recent work on the use of alcohol in grade 9 and 10.

 On an administrative note it is very important at this time of year is that the school receives accurate data on re-enrollment and on those students who are withdrawing. If you know you are leaving ISM and have not communicated that to us I urge you to contact either the High School Office or the Admissions Office as soon as possible. We would like to be able to inform students who are currently waitlisted that they can be admitted to ISM as soon as possible. The deadline for this is May 11, 2012.

  Kind regards

 William R. S. Brown

High School Principal