First Day Schedule

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the first day of the new school year! We will begin with a regular Thursday schedule with blocks G, H, A, B and C. Block C, the last block of the day will be shortened and we will run a full school assembly at 2:15pm.

Please be reminded that the High School Office is distributing all student schedules. It is very important that all re-enrollment and new student enrollment is completed. This includes medical clearance from the clinic, along with clearance from the Business Office.

For the benefit of all ISM students we are fortunate to have the PTA sponsored National Bookstore Supply Sale on campus. This will run through until Friday, August 12th.

I very much enjoyed meeting many new students and parents at the orientation today. I look forward to getting to know as many faces and names as possible. As announced today please place Tuesday August 9th in your schedules for the first HS Parent Coffee. It will be in the Little Theater(LT) at start at 9:30am. All parents are invited however we will attempt to deal with many of the transition issues for new parents and first time HS parents. Another important date to calendar is the High School Open House. This will be on Monday, 22nd, August. At this evening you will get to experience your child’s HS schedule and have an opportunity to meet and greet all of their teachers. It is always a long day but a very worthwhile event on the HS calendar. I hope to see you

Kind regards,

William Brown

High School Principal

Welcome to the new school year!

August 01, 2011

Dear High School Parents and Students,

Greetings and welcome to school year 2011/2012. I hope you have all had a very restful vacation and are ready for an exciting year at International School Manila.

I want to remind you that in the High School we have a set timetable arranged which allows for students to collect their personal schedule, and to get their locker and student ID, before school starts. The schedule was in the High School Bulletin last year however I thought it would be wise to send it directly this morning as a reminder. The schedule is as follows:

Locker, Schedule and ID Distribution

(8:00 am – 3:00 pm at the HS Office)

  • Monday, August 1 – Grade 9 & 10
  • Tuesday, August 2– Grade 11
  • Wednesday, August 3– Grade 12

Please note that Grade 9 -11 lockers are randomly pre-assigned. Grade 12 Students are free to select their own lockers only in the areas provided.

Students MUST bring their re-enrollment form with all the required signatures to claim their schedule, locker details and ID. Students that cannot present the completed re-enrollment form may NOT claim these documents.

New HS Student-Parent Orientation

August 3, Wednesday at 8:30 am – 9:45 am

Venue: Fine Arts Theatre

HS New Parent Coffee/Tea at P045 (immediately after the orientation)

New students will have to stay until 1:00 pm. Lunch will be provided.HS TEXTBOOK DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE:


  • Grade 12 – Thursday, August 4
  • Grade 11 – Friday, August 5
  • Grade 10 – Monday, August 8
  • Grade 9 – Tuesday, August 9

The student ID and schedule are required to claim the books from the TEXTBOOK CENTER. There is no general supply list for the HS Students. Each teacher will have their own supplies requirements which will be given to the student within the first week of school. The National Bookstore Supplies Sale will be from Monday, August 1 to Friday, August 12 and will be located at the FAT gallery.


New Parent and Student Orientation:

For new students and parents, a very special welcome. It will obviously take a little time to settle in and adjust to your new school; however ISM is a very friendly place! I look forward to meeting with all new students and parents on Wednesday at the new student orientation and with all students on Thursday.

Kind regards

William R.S. Brown

High School Principal

Welcome to the ISM-Online High School Blog

Hello All,

Welcome to the front page of the high school section of the ISM-Online Blog.

The hs.ism-online blog is, at the moment, in its infancy, but as it grows, it will become a place where high school teachers will be able to share information with the ISM community about their courses so that our curriculum can continue to be delivered in the event of unforseen temporary school closure.

By clicking on the “HS Teachers” link above, you can navigate to any of the high school teachers’ blogs.

The “Resources” link, above, will contain important high school documents.

Thanks and watch this space,

Bill Brown and Mike Dickinson.

International School Manila.