Message from the Principal August 24

Dear Parents,

 Today marks the end of the first three weeks of school. Unfortunately it has not been without disruption. As you know we lost two days to floods in the first week of school and then another day last Monday to Presidential decree. To contribute to even more time at home, we have National Heroes day this coming Monday and thus another long weekend. In planning the school calendar we had planned 181 school days this year. We will reclaim Monday January 7, as a school day and so the net loss to date is two days. Should we lose even more valuable HS instructional time we may need to be even more creative, but let’s hope we can now settle into the rhythm that is “business as usual” in the high school at ISM

 Even with disruptions we have still been busy, with College night, IB Information meetings, student leadership training at the Island Cove Resort, HS play auditions and rehearsals and our full range of athletic endeavors have begun with games versus Faith last Friday and the Brent Lions tonight!

 High School enrolment is strong and continues to grow each day. We now have 757 students in classes. Unfortunately this growth has peaked in one or two subject areas and thus while not wanting to disrupt any student schedules, we have had to make some slight adjustments to balance classes.

 The next BIG date on the calendar for parents will be the High School Open House to be held on Tuesday, August 28th. It is always a highlight to bring the parents to school for the evening and to let them the wander the hallways looking for the right class! I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I have asked the teachers to go easy on lateness for the classes that night!

 Another important date on the HS calendar is Wednesday, August 29. This is when we launch our HS club program with Club Expo. It is the opportunity for all HS students to view displays and presentations from the vast array of HS Clubs and organizations and to sign up for membership. It is important to remember that students should not overload their schedule and that when they do sign up for a club; they in fact turn up and follow through on their commitment to that organization.

 While talking about commitment, on Saturday, Sept 3rd we will have our entire senior IB Diploma batch” working from 9-5pm on their Extended Essays, ably supported by teachers volunteering their Saturday morning. This is a crucial component of the IB Diploma and I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students, the teachers and Mr. Mike Relf, our new, equally hardworking IB Coordinator!

 I hope to meet as many of you as possible at HS Open House.


Kind Regards,

William R. S. Brown

High School Principal

Letter from Mr. Toze

Dear Parents:


As you may know, we put together our school calendar more than a year in advance in order to help our community plan their vacations. This is not always easy, since the location of special holidays is a mystery at times and often not confirmed until very close to the days themselves. Under the previous administration, there was a policy that all public holidays would be moved to the nearest Monday. Although this wasn’t strictly adhered to, it did at least allow us to plan our calendar with some degree of certainty. More recently, we were told that holidays would be allowed to fall on their proper dates – whether that happened in the working week or at the weekend. For this reason, we did not plan for a holiday to mark Eid-ul-Fitr, which should be celebrated next Saturday evening and into Sunday. However, we have just been told that a proclamation has been signed to denote next Monday as a special holiday in honor of Eid.

We are, of course, obliged to follow this mandate, and accordingly there will be no school on Monday 20th August.


Having lost two days to the rains that fell last week, I am unwilling to concede yet another school day out of our year, and for this reason we shall begin the second semester one day early on Monday January 7th instead of on Tuesday January 8th.


David Toze