Parent Bulletin – March 9th 2012

Message from the High School Principal:

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank all the parents who came to the HS Parent Coffee on Tuesday. The main topic was dedicated to the notion of Digital Citizenship. The workshop led by Brandon Hoover and David Collett had parents inputting their ideas via the school laptops to an active Googledoc, which was then used for group discussion and subsequently served as a record of the meeting.

This is a very similar process to the way that our students are utilizing information technology in the classroom. One of the elements of being a Digital Citizen is communication and I am aware that as a high school the many forms of inter and intra technological communication can get confusing and at times frustrating. I have raised this issue with the high school program leaders and we do plan to make improvements on the quantity and quality of our communication with the ISM community. To return to the parent coffee, we had a very good session which culminated in Kei Matsunami giving us a fabulous rendition of her IASAS gold medal winning oral interpretation piece. Her performance struck deep into the roots of Manila’s rich history, with a graphic account of life in Manila during the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Our Model United Nations representatives are this week debating in Beijing, while next weekend we send third season IASAS Athletes on their respective exchange tournaments. In this bulletin you will find information on HS MAP testing for Gr. 9 & Gr. 10 students, which starts on Monday, March 12 and also very important topic of timely advice to the school of your intentions to withdraw from ISM. It is very important given the few available spaces we have in the HS that we know who is leaving at the end of this school year. As soon as you aware of your plans please communicate these to school.

Kind regards,

William R. S. Brown

High School Principal