Evacuation Procedure – Student Expectations

The last evacuation procedure was disappointing in terms of technical issues, but also regarding student response. Please go through the following Student Expectations so that you all know what the expectations are.

Student Expectations

Leave your bags in the classroom
Carrying a heavy bag might get in the way as you and the rest of the school evacuate the building.

Move quietly
There should be silence during the evacuation. The only people talking should be the teachers in order to give instructions. Students should remain silent so that these instructions can be heard.

Take off your headphones or ear buds
Remove anything from your ears that might impede you hearing instructions.

Move quickly but Do Not Run
Walk quickly and purposefully to the assembly point using the quickest means. Remember, the quickest way out might not necessarily be the one in the direction of the assembly point – It might be quicker to leave the classroom, then head away from the assembly point first in order to use a more convenient and lesser used staircase.

Down and Out
Make sure that you make your way down the nearest staircase BEFORE making your way to the assembly area. Remaining high in a building for an unnecessary length of time raises the risk of becoming trapped. Also, if all evacuees attempt to use the same staircase (i.e. the one nearest to the assembly point), it will delay the evacuation process unnecessarily.

Line up in silence
Once at the assembly point, line up silently in alphabetical order in your homeroom group – you should know your homeroom number and your place at the assembly point. Remain silently in line until you have been given the all clear and that you can re-enter the building.

Evacuation Drill – Student Expectations